Japanese night drone to fight insects

To reduce the use of plant protection products and protect the crop, Japanese scientists have improved the UAV for night work and autonomous search of the problem areas.


«Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibitions Agro-2018 and International Days of Field in Ukraine

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» at the Agro-2018 and International Field Days of Ukraine represented self-propelled sprayers «Vodoley 1», «Vodoley 2» and an innovative system for applicating of the initial fertilizers Agroshot.


Buy GPS guidance pointer «Vodoley 2» for sprayer in Ukraine

To reduce costs when applying fertilizers, you need to buy a GPS pointer «Vodoley 2» for a sprayer. This device helps the driver to applicate fertilizers, PPP (or a mixture of them) without overlapping areas or omissions.


GPS navigator «Vodoley 2» for sprayer, tractor

To reduce consumption of the liquid fertilizers, buy a GPS navigator for a tractor, sprayer. This computer provides uniform application of the working fluid without the zones of repeated application and omissions. The result of the processing will be saved in the database and available for viewing through the Web interface.


Parallel driving system «Vodoley 2»

To reduce costs when applying fertilizers, you need to use the parallel driving device «Vodoley 2». It will allow you to applicate fertilizers without repeats and omissions. The working coordinates are determined by GPS and transferred to the database of the Agrosystem.


What is the system of exact farming

The precise farming system consists of a number of elements, each of which must complement the traditional model of land cultivation, eliminating its shortcomings. It is very important to accurately understand exactly which sphere of activity of this enterprise can be improved by this or that technology from the system of exact farming.


Liquid fertilizer application

The application of liquid fertilizers with the exact observance of the rate of outflow will be carried out by the sprayer on low pressure tires «Vodoley». The computer with the GPS module is responsible for the exact observance of the outflow rate and transfers the results of the treatment to the Agrosystem.


High-performance sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l)

Universal sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l) stands out it's increased engine power and performance. It can be equipped with equipment for working with liquid and solid forms of fertilizers.


Buy spreader of the mineral fertilizer «Vodoley»

Self-propelled spreader «Vodoley» on ultra-low pressure tires is characterized by high permeability and low pressure on the soil. Fertilizer will be scattered even in the case of heavily soaked soil, when the technique on conventional wheels will bogge down.


To buy a sprayer or to order the re-equipment of seeders?

To have the ability of using of the starter fertilizer, a seed drill working with liquid fertilizers is needed, if it does not «know how», then you can order the re-equipment of a seeder for applying liquid fertilizers. For foliar and ground application of UAN, liquid fertilizers or plant protection products, a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» is needed.


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