Buy GPS guidance pointer «Vodoley 2» for sprayer in Ukraine

To reduce costs when processing the territory with fertilizers, buy a GPS pointer «Vodoley 2» for a sprayer. This device helps the driver to process the territory without missing passes and re-treatment zones. It is in this case, will be used exactly as much fertilizer as necessary for the territory and not a kilogram more.

GPS pointer «Vodoley 2» for the tractor and sprayer replaces signalmen

The problem of uniform processing of the whole field territory in the past was solved with the help of auxiliary staff - signalers. Looking at their position the driver could move more accurately. But if the distance is more  than a kilometer, then the «small» deviations of several meters the driver will not be able to detect. But these deviations will be «noticed» by the yield and pests.

GPS pointer «Vodoley 2» helps to go in a straight line

To indicate the place of future work, the driver must go round the field around the perimeter (or load it from memory). After that, the GPS pointer «Vodoley 2» automatically marks the territory of the forthcoming processing with parallel lines. The driver needs to follow the proposed route, looking at the screen. LED indicators above the screen indicates a deviation from the ideal path.

The main features of the display «Vodoley 2»:

  • Work in the mode of parallel driving;
  • Measurement of the area of ​​any field that is possible to go around the perimeter;
  • Ability to adjust the width of processing depending of the rod width;
  • Selection of the display scale during the work;
  • Demonstration of reprocessing places and missed places;
  • Accounting of the square of the area already processed, the current speed of movement;
  • Control of sowing seeds, pouring out the starter fertilizers (for instruments installed on seeders).

The results of processing each field, by the technics on which the pointer «Vodoley 2» is installed, will be stored in the database of the Agrosystem and available for subsequent viewing through the Web interface.

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