Self-propelled sprayer Vodoley

Self-propelled sprayer Vodoley/en/

Self-propelled spreader Vodoley

Self-propelled spreader Vodoley/en/

Liquid fertilizer application

Liquid fertilizer application/en/

Reequipping of the agrotechnics

Reequipping of the agrotechnics/en/



Precise farming spraying computer

Precise farming spraying computer/en/

Mobile weighing

Mobile weighing/en/




25% refund on purchase

Since November 22, 2018, the self-propelled sprayer "Vodoley" of the ECM1 and ECM3 models, manufactured by Energomekhkomplekt LLC, has been included in the updated list of machinery and equipment of the agro-industrial complex, the cost of which is partially offset by the state budget.

Modernization of the John Deere 1890 seeder

The friendly team of "Complex AgroService" upgraded the John Deere 1890 pneumatic grain seeder. From the photographs, you can estimate the size of the unit and imagine the scale of the work carried out. All 58 sowing devices were equipped with equipment for supplying working fluid to the seed ejection zone.

15% discount on used self-propelled sprayers "Vodoley"

We sell used Aquarius sprayers. 15% discount. Worked one season on the introduction of KAS-32 and plant protection products. Run in the field, there are no comments on the technical condition. For all questions, call: +38 050 420 03 51.

Modernization of seeders Kinze-3600 and Prosem k-16.

As part of the service for the re-equipment of tillage equipment for the application of liquid fertilizers, UAN, SZR, the employees of Kompleksny AgroService completed the modernization of the Kinze-3600 and Prosem-k16 seeders. The retrofitted seeder can apply starter fertilizers simultaneously with sowing. The use of starter fertilizers accelerates crop growth and increases yields.

Modernization and retrofitting of tilled and grain seeders, cultivators, disc harrows with liquid fertilizer application systems.

Manufacture of self-propelled sprayers and spreaders of the Aquarius series.

Modernization of Rosa sprayers.

Service and spare parts.

Manufacturing and service of DOZOR mobile weighing systems.

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