Self-propelled sprayer ESM-3

Self-propelled sprayer-spreader Vodoley 2

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 2» is an easy and high-performance self-propelled machine on ultra-low pressure rubber tires.

The pressure of tires on the soil surface is 100-160 g/cm², which makes it possible to work on wet soils and in wetland conditions.

Low-pressure tires do not leave the tramline, preserve the fertile soil layer, prevent machine degradation of field soil, therefore, the need for additional tillage operations is reduced.

This sprayer can be used directly on crop plants with a stem height of up to 0.5 m without damaging them.

The consumption of diesel fuel is 0.3 l/ha.

Productivity 40-65ha/hour.

Sprayer «Vodoley 2» is designed to perform technological operations for the chemical field crops protection from pests, diseases and weeds, early feeding of the UAN, the introduction of liquid and granulated fertilizers and plant protection products.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 2» in the basic configuration:

  • Kubota 2.4T diesel engine;
  • Single cabin 1 + 1;
  • Capacity for working fluid 1000l, 1500l;
  • Spraying boom 18-24m;
  • Spray kit for liquid fertilizer;
  • Five-section pressure regulator with mechanical (electronic) valves;
  • Diaphragm piston pump;
  • Hydraulic pump;
  • Air conditioning;
  • One spare tire cover + spare parts.

Advantages of the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 2»:

Kubota 2.4 Turbo Diesel Engine

Has a greater torque - 165.8 Nm (engine 1.5 - 118.6 Nm) at lower revs and better elasticity.

This allows you to maintain a large set speed regardless of machine loading and terrain. Allows to keep efficiency and fuel consumption on the same level within the usage of air conditioning in cabin.

Kubota diesel engine is located in front of the sprayer

Self-propelled sprayer Vodoley

Which allows you to balance the load on the axis - offloads the middle axis to increase the sprayer efficiency, especially on viscous and moist soils, as well as hilly terrain.

Hydraulic pump system

• Allows to increase the application rate to 500 L/hectare*;

• Maintains the pump rotation speed in the specified parameters, which prolongs the lifetime of the pump unit;

• Increases working speed up to 40 km/h;

• From the start of the movement provides a prescribed rate of application and smooths the uneven application of the working fluid throughout the working width of the rod, not allowing deviation from the required fluid delivery rate by more than +/-2%;

• Elasticity of the entire system in fields with complex terrain.

High-strength, comfortable cab with increased visibility

Developed by specialists of Energomekhkomplekt LLC, it is equipped with filters, which guarantees safe working conditions for the machine operator.

Equipped with a multifunctional spraying computer «Vodoley»

Is used for the economical application of liquid fertilizers, allows you to set and monitor the specified rate of application per hectare, the speed of movement, the treated area, the remainder of the liquid in the tank, the fuel consumption data. Thus, you get an economical and accurately dosing of fertilizers, thereby reducing the cost of fertilizer application.

Useful tips for the owner of the sprayer.

* At a sprayer speed of up to 10 km/h
To buy a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» call us: 38 (050) 420-03-51, 38 (050) 420-03-57.

Work of the sprayer «Vodoley 2» - on the 4th minute, estimate the track from the tractor, left on a wet field

Work of the sprayer «Vodoley 2» - the view from the cockpit. Real shooting during the processing of the customer field


Wheel Formula


Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm


Engine type Engine brand

Turbocharged diesel Kubota

Working volume of the engine


Transport speed, km/h

up to 50*

The equipped weight, including the operator, kg


Gross weight, kg, not more than


Minimum turning radius, m


Productivity per hour of working time, hectares


Tank capacity, l

1000, 1500

Track gauge, mm


Working fluid flow rate, l/ha


Specific fuel consumption for a shift time, kg/ha


Uneven application of the working fluid according to the working width of the gripper is not more than,%


Working width of the rod, m



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