Startup Halter - smart collars for cows

Using a smart collar that works in conjunction with a cloud service, you can track the lameness of an animal, overheating, its approaching to a dangerous object, and order a cow to change its trajectory. A report of all her movements will be saved in an electronic database.


International Trade Fair Agritechnica 2019 in Hanover

All the presented equipment is evaluated by experts, for the most interesting development of the 291 units presented in 2019, a gold medal is awarded, for the 39 others that attracted the attention of the DLG jury - silver


We invite everyone to the international agricultural exhibition AGROEXPO 2019

We invite all farmers and simply curious to the exhibition stand F3/2 of the Comprehensive AgroService company at AgroExpo 2019. The international agro-industrial exhibition AGROEXPO 2019 will be held from September 25 to 28, 2019 in Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd).


7 Useful Tips for Quadcopter Owner

Using a UAV to map a field, city block or place of upcoming construction will require certain knowledge and skills from you. To make even one successful shot using a quadrocopter will have to be trained.


Hectare «Hands Free» (HFHa) will increase to 35 ha

The initial conditions are met (people did not take part in the field cultivation), and the project receives new tasks: it is planned to grow spring barley, as well as winter wheat and barley, on 35 hectares of land. The task is becoming more complicated, since now robots will have to work on real fields - with a non-rectangular shape, on slopes, with the need to move equipment from one field to another on real roads.


Most popular agricultural drones

Drones used in agriculture are more expensive than amateur ones, which is associated with high demands on the quality of images. The purpose of the application may be different, which affects the equipment of the device before departure. Usually, when examining the fields, the farmer is primarily interested in whether the plants receive enough moisture, fertilizers, whether there are any damage by various pests. During applicating of the herbicides accuracy and timing are important.


Company «Wilderness Lighting» presented Blue Spray Control LEDs

For the operation of the system, two powerful blue luminaires directed along it are installed on the rod. The monitoring process itself remains on the driver as usual, he needs to regularly inspect both halves of the rod for the presence of a spray jet under each spray nozzle.


What you need to check when buying a used trailed sprayer

Trailed sprayers can reduce operating costs. Less complex design is easier to operate and maintain. Of course, the maximum speed of the work show self-propelled type of sprayers.


Products grown by robots are still more expensive than traditional ones

Compete with traditional farms at the price of today Iron Ox can not. But the salads grown by robots are a wonder on the market of agricultural products and can be sold as a premium product, which will pay back the increased costs of their cultivation.


Adjusting, calibrating and testing of the fertilizer spreader

Usually, disk spreaders are used in agriculture for the application of granular fertilizers and liming of the soil. The spreader with proper adjustment, shows good results in terms of the accuracy of spreading dose retention.


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