Display «Vodoley 2» (Agronavigator)

Main features:

  • Pointer with two modes: parallel driving and free mode;
  • Measurement of the area of the field along the passed bypass road (contour);
  • Display overlaps;
  • Display and calculation of the processed area;
  • Width adjustment of the treated surface;
  • Displays travel speed;
  • Saving the processed field in the computer memory, with the possibility of its subsequent loading;
  • Ability to change the display scale;
  • Indication of deviation from a given course;
  • Control of seed supply and application of seed fertilizers (for a seeder).


In the «Navigator» mode, the screen is divided into parallel straight lines. To save liquid fertilizers when they are applied, the driver must drive the equipment along these straight lines. The distance between parallel lines is equal to the width of the treated surface, which depends on the width of the booms of the specific sprayer (for example: Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 2»).


Measuring the treated surface area

If you need to measure your field area, then with the onboard computer «Vodoley 2» you will do it easily and quickly. To do this, select the «Measure the field» menu and go around the perimeter field.

Working with fields

On-board computer «Vodoley 2» can store a large number of fields in memory (the amount depends on the quantity of installed microSD memory cards). Due to this you can split large fields into sections, perform different types of work on different fields, store and transfer information about fields from one device to another.


Testing the parallel driving mode:



Definitions of overlapping and passes when performing agrotechnical measures:


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