Reequipping of the soil-cultivating and sowing machines for applicating of the liquid fertilizes

Company «Comprehensive AgroService», performs works on the conversion and modernization of agricultural machinery (seeders, cultivators, disc harrows) for the application of liquid fertilizers, UAN 32, herbicides, pesticides, destructors, etc.

What does the addition of equipment for liquid fertilizers?

After such reequipment, the seeder or cultivator can independently applicate liquid fertilizers during the cultivation of the soil. The liquid form is more readily available to the root system, plus several active substances can be mixed in one container, which allows several soil processing operations to be carried out in one pass through the field.

Re-equipped John Deere tractor for applicating a destructor for a disc harrow
General view of the re-equipped KUHN Planter 3
Seeder Kinze-3600 16-row
Cultivator, re-equipped for liquid fertilizer and UAN-32 application

To complete the additional equipment of the seeder (cultivator, disc harrow), there must be installed next:

1) The system for controlling the application of liquid fertilizers «Vodoley 1» (manufactured by Energomekhkomplekt LLC). The spraying computer «Vodoley 1» is interchangeable with the Bravo-180 and has additional functions: it is equipped with a reinforced GSM and GPS signal transmission antenna, which allows sending data about the coordinates and flow of liquid to the server. The main task of the computer is to maintain the outflow rate at a given level, by the synchronization of the rate of outflow of the working fluid with the speed of movement of machinery across the field.

The computer «Vodoley» transmits data on the work performed with reference to coordinates in real time, therefore it is possible to observe the application of fertilizers using the WEB interface online, or to sum up the work of the technique later. All results are stored in the database of «Agrosystems» and can be used for further analysis of the efficiency of processing the territory, making adjustments to plans for the application of fertilizers.

2) Electronic system «Face-control» (manufactured by Energomekhkomplekt LLC) - a system for monitoring the passage of liquid through each nozzle, with a visual display of the violation of the patency with the number of the nozzle on the screen of the device, which allows you to monitor the workflow without leaving the tractor cab.

This system was tested on KINZE 3600 - 16, KINZE 3700, KINZE 24, PROSEM K 16, Challenger 8186 HFF, KUHN PLANTER-3 seeders.

At the request of the Customer (optional), you can control the outflow rate for each nozzle on the instrument screen and on the site.

3) Pump, for the supply of working fluid (USA).

4) Pressure control system ARAG (Italy);

5) Pipelines, hoses manufactured in Italy;

6) System of quick tank filling with working liquid (UAN32) «Camlock»;

7) Tanks for working fluid, the volume of which depends on the model of the seeder (cultivator);

8) To protect the main line from fluid leakage during turning and stopping the device «Vodoley» is equipped with a function of tripping the trunk from the liquid supply in automatic mode;

9) The communication system is made of stainless steel and a polymer resistant to UAN-32 and other, chemically aggressive fertilizers.

Additional equipment of a seeder, cultivator or disc harrow for liquid fertilizers extends the capabilities of its owner

After the additional equipment, the seeder will be able to work both in the normal mode and with the simultaneous introduction of fertilizers, which reduces the load on the field, machinery and raises the yield.

The price of re-equipment of agricultural machinery depends on the model of the seeder (cultivator) and on the complete set of the installation, which is determined by the customer.

If you need to process the field once, order the service of applying liquid fertilizers with the help of the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley», «Rosa» in Ukraine.

Wheels sprayer «Vodoley» have on the soil pressure of not more than 160 g/cm2, so it can be used for foliar feeding of plants. Passing through the field with winter crops in the tillering phase, «Vodoley» does not damage them, with a stem height of up to 50 cm. The rate of addition is supported by an on-board computer with a GPS module.

General scheme of work of the Agrosystem and its components: technics, spraying computers, Web-interface.

During the work all data is sent to the Agrosystem's database, where further, can be viewed by the customer through the Web interface at any convenient time.
Principle of operation of the Agro-system

Work of the demonstration set of equipment at the exhibition Field Days 2018. As the services of the modernization of seeders, cultivators and disk harrows are provided, the supply of working fluid through various types of injectors is shown. The work of the Agroshot system is visible on the right-an alternating supply of two types of working fluid (to the place where the grain falls and next to it).

There is no need to export seeder, cultivator or disk harrow for modernization under the usage of the liquid fertilizers UAN 32 - the specialists of the company "Comprehensive AgroService" come to its placement. In order for the seed drill could applicate the starting fertilizers, a computer must be installed on it, and equipment that supplies and distributes the working fluid.

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