25% compensation for sprayer «Vodoley» and a set of refitting of seeders for liquid fertilizers usag

Agrarians of Ukraine can buy the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» and a kit for introducing liquid fertilizers at a 25% discount, thanks to the state compensation program when buying domestic-made agricultural machinery.

According to the resolutions of CMU No. 130, 86 and 106, purchasing equipment or ordering the service included in the list, with partial compensation for the cost, farmers can count on compensation of 25% and in some cases 40% of the amount paid.

Currently, state compensation applies to the following products:

• Self-propelled sprayers «Vodoley» models ЕСМ1 and ЕСМ3;

• Equipment sets for the introduction of liquid fertilizers intended for installation on seeders of tilled crops and seeders of whole sowing.

The latest version of the list of equipment can be downloaded on the official website of the Ministry.

How to get compensation?

• Make a payment through one of the banks (download the list in pdf).

• Open an account in one of these banks, submit an application and documents confirming the purchase of equipment included in the list (a copy of the payment order, an act of acceptance and transfer, and the state registration of the equipment).

• The Bank submits to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy information about the amount to be reimbursed.

• The Ministry of Agrarian Policy orders that the necessary funds be transferred to the account of the company.

Read more about the terms of the Ordinance.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»

Sprayer «Vodoley» will perform the work in full, even if the earth is soaked and the equipment on ordinary wheels will not pass.

Thanks to the ultra-low pressure tires and high permeability, «Vodoley» can:

  • work on heavily watery soils;
  • make early fertilization (on melting snow);
  • to start spring field work 2–3 weeks earlier than technics on traditional wheels can;
  • work on fields with shoots in the tillering stage, without making a rut;
  • perform works with high productivity (from 40 to 300 l/ha);
  • to as work on narrow wheels (18 cm wide).

Fuel consumption, the model with the engine Kubota 1.5-0.2 liters per hectare, Kubota 2.4-0.3 l/ha.

What gives re-equipment of seeders?

After the additional equipment, the seeder can independently apply liquid starting fertilizers during tillage. The liquid form becomes faster available for the root system, plus several active substances can be mixed in one container, which will allow you to perform several tillage operations in one pass across the field.

The data on the operation of the «Vodoley» self-propelled sprayer and the additionally equipped seeder are transferred to the Agrosystem database, where further, can be viewed via the Web interface at any time convenient for the customer.

Another 15% discount for small farms

An additional 15% of discount (40% in total) is possible to receive for small farms, the size and arrangement of which fits a number of parameters, namely:

  • Sown area should not exceed 500 hectares;
  • Annual revenue should not be more than 15 million UAH;
  • If it is a cooperative, then it should consist of more than 20 members, with at least one farm, despite the fact that physical persons own no more than 100 hectares.

An additional 15% discount is provided for entrepreneurs with the form of activity "Farm".

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