Buy spreader of the mineral fertilizer «Vodoley»

Developed by the company «Comprehensive AgroService» sprayer «Vodoley» after the installation of Italian equipment EuroSpand Galileo "turns" into a spreader of mineral fertilizers. Moving across the field on ultra-low pressure tires, it is still extremely passable. This is very much in demand, if you need to apply fertilizer after the rain, in a marshy area or in the spring, when the soil is soaked after snow melts. Where the technique on conventional wheels gets stuck, «Vodoley» will cope with the task of making mineral fertilizers throughout the field.

Buy spreader «Vodoley» for the mineral fertilizer in Ukraine

Buy spreader «Vodoley» for the mineral fertilizer in Ukraine

Having bought a spreader «Vodoley» for the mineral fertilizers, you will be able to process the field with winter crops, in the tillering phase, without damaging the plants. «Vodoley» will spread the granules without damaging the crops - the plants will get up in 2-3 days.

Mineral fertilizer supply system EuroSpand Galileo

The Italian system for the supply of granular fertilizers from EuroSpand Galileo consists of a granule hopper (stainless steel) and a dry matter supply system Vibro System. Its main difference from the solutions already available on the market is that it does not destroy or damage granules and seeds like ordinary mixers do. The output of the working mixture from the hopper is due to vibrating disks.

Buy fertilizer spreader «Vodoley» for sowing rice

When working with fertilizers, preservation of granules means exact compliance with the radius of dispersion and application rate. When sowing, this guarantees the preservation of germination, as the seeds are not destroyed and will be introduced into the soil unharmed. Spreader of the mineral fertilizers «Vodoley» can be used for sowing wet rice and some other crops.

If necessary, the spreader of mineral fertilizers «Vodoley» can be converted back to a sprayer and «return to its former profession» - to introduce liquid fertilizers, UAN 32, PPP.

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