Parallel driving system «Vodoley 2»

The process of fertilizers application differs radically from plowing in that the earth does not change its appearance after the passage of machinery. herefore, while spraying, the driver can not visually control the trajectory of motion along the field. To reduce the costs of liquid fertilizers, you need to buy the parallel driving system «Vodoley 2». Its application makes it possible to process the soil without gaps and overlaps.

The parallel driving device has replaced the signalers

The first step to solving this problem was signalers standing on the edges of the field and helping the driver to see the direction of the movement. Without them, the tractor driver could go not by straight lines, but by curves. The second way to solve the problem was marking the field with the help of an alarm foam.

The parallel driving system «Vodoley 2» marks out the field for processing

The parallel driving system «Vodoley 2» solves this problem much more efficiently and with less money. Determining its GPS coordinates, the parallel driving device «Vodoley 2» marks the field on the screen with lines and shows the current location. Next, the driver remains to look at the nearest line and try to ride as accurately as possible relative to it. The distance between the lines is set under the boom width of the specific sprayer. The LED panel shows the deviation from the required course.

Agronavigator course indicator «Vodoley 2» helps to applicate fertilizers with minimal costs

If the company takes care to buy the indicator of parallel driving «Vodoley 2», the driver without additional assistance can process the field without zones of omissions and repeats.

The main features of the GPS navigator - system of the parallel driving «Vodoley 2»:

  • The pointer in the mode of parallel driving, the LED panel shows the deviation from the set course;
  • Measurement of the area of ​​the field by moving along its outer contour;
  • Display of an overlapping areas and gaps during the application of fertilizers;
  • Setting the width of the boom of a specific sprayer;
  • Calculating the square of the already processed territory;
  • Selecting of the scale of the display;
  • Saving out the result of processing on the memory card;
  • Control of seed supply (for «Vodoley 2» installed on seeders).

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