Liquid fertilizer application

To get the most out of the liquid fertilizer application, use the «Vodoley» sprayer equipped with the spraying computer. It is impossible to introduce granular fertilizers, with the same precision as liquid fertilizers. The size of the granules may fluctuate, some of them may coalesced or damaged, which will change the radius of the spread unexpectedly.

The introduction of liquid fertilizers is more precise and economical - less loss of nitrogen

In addition to the fact that the process of introducing of the liquid is more manageable, when using UAN 32 the loss of nitrogen is lower - it can reach 30-40% for granulated fertilizers. Immediately after falling onto the soil, the granule is not available for the plant - the rain should dissolve it and "deliver" it to the root system. If we failed to «order the rain» immediately after the spreading of the pellets, it remains to accept the forthcoming losses of nitrogen. In addition, technically, it is impossible to change the tempo of the spreading of solid forms at the same time as the speed of motion of machinery along the field is changes.

Liquid fertilizer application under the control of a spraying computer

The introduction of UAN (urea-ammonium nitrate) and any other liquids is much more manageable. The computer makes sure that the rate of outflowing of the working fluid coincides with the speed of movement of the equipment. When the speed of the vehicle fluctuates, the computer automatically changes the speed of the outflow. Thanks to this, a constant level of fertilization is maintained on every hectare of the field.

Thus, using the «Vodoley» self-propelled sprayer (analogous to the Rosa sprayer) with the on-board computer for spraying of the liquid fertilizers enables to save up fertilizers. 

The main features of the computer:

  • Compliance of the rate of outflow of working fluid, which is maintained constant even with fluctuations in the speed of the machinery (on the slope, turn);
  • Possibility of sectional opening/blocking of the sprayer valves;
  • Monitoring of the speed of movement (displayed on the LCD monitor during operation);
  • The account of the processed area and the sprayed liquid (it is deduced on the monitor);
  • Accounting for the distance traveled in kilometers and the time in hours;
  • Working pressure of the liquid, measured in bar;
  • Rate of outflow of liquid (l/min);
  • Valve status (open/closed).

The results of the application of liquid fertilizers in each field are stored in the database of the Agrosystem

Computer «Vodoley» receives the coordinates of technics using the GPS module. This makes it possible to track all movements in real time, history is stored in the database and can then be viewed on the Agrosystem's website, via the Web interface. The owner has the opportunity to see and analyze the trajectory of the vehicle's movement along the fields that exists in the database, the history of fertilizer application, the costs of the previous processing and yield. This provides additional opportunities to manage the enterprise, optimize costs, increase the return on your land.

Spraying computer «Vodoley» can be installed on the seed drill, cultivator, disc harrow within the framework of the modernization of tillage equipment from the company «Comprehensive AgroService». After such re-equipment, sowing and tillage machines can be used for applying liquid fertilizers and LCF.

Sprayer «Vodoley» is designed for the application of liquid fertilizers

Its ultra-low pressure tires allows even with the maximum filling of the UAN tank, to have the pressure of the wheels on the soil lower than 160 g/cm2, which is less than that of the human foot. Thus, the sprayer «Vodoley»:

  • Can works on wet soils (with excess moisture);
  • Can works on a field with melting snow;
  • Can start the processing of the territories 3 weeks earlier than is possible with conventional technics (ordinary wheels will simply bogged down);
  • Can move across the field with the shoots in the tillering phase without damaging them, leaving no rut;
  • Demonstrates high productivity (40-300 liters per hectare, at a work rate of more than 30 g/h);
  • It is possible to install ordinary wheels, 18 cm wide.

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» performs the application of liquid fertilizers all over Ukraine using the self-propelled sprayers «Vodoley», «Rosa». A spraying computer with a GPS module is responsible for the exact observance of the outflow rate. The processing results are stored in the Agrosystem's database and are available for viewing through the Web interface.

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