«Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibitions Agro-2018 and International Days of Field in Ukraine

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» regularly participates in agricultural exhibitions in Ukraine. In this article we will talk about the Kiev exhibition Agro-2018 and the International Days of the Field of Ukraine, held in the village Doslidnicke of the Vasilkovsky district.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» at AGRO-2018 and days of the field of Ukraine

Technics to work with liquid fertilizers from the company «Comprehensive AgroService» were: self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 1» and «Vodoley 2». Both sprayers are equipped with ultra-low pressure tires in order to move without making a rut and without damaging the winter crops in the tillering phase.

Comprehensive AgroService on AGRO-2018

Extremely low tire pressure on the soil (100-160g/cm²) makes the «Vodoley» sprayers very passable units. They can work on heavily weted soil, when the technics on ordinary wheels is simply stuck in the mud. Also, they are suitable for foliar feeding of winter crops - application of UAN 32 to plant leaves, which allows crops to quickly absorb nutrients in the most critical periods of growth. Moving directly through the field, «Vodoley» does not damage wheat, when a stem height of less to 50 cm.

Modifications «Vodoley» differ in engine power - the «Vodoley 1» engine Kubota 1,5l, in «Vodoley 2» - 2, 4l. «Vodoley 1» is distinguished by a reduced consumption of diesel fuel (about 0.2 l/ha), «Vodoley 2» due to a more powerful engine is more productive, has the bigger rate of pouring per hectare, consuming up to 0.4 liters/ha of fuel.

The feeding system Agroshot for liquid fertilizers on the seeder at AGRO-2018 and the Days of the field in Ukraine

The main novelty of the «Comprehensive AgroService» on Agro-2018 and the International Days of the Field 2018 was the system of seed fertilizer application «Agroshot». To reduce fertilizer costs and increase yield, fertilizers must be introduced where they will be available only to planted crops. It is this problem that the Agroshot system solves.

The «Agroshot» system provides «personal» fertilizers for each seed nucleus

After installing the system on the seed drill, its sensors control the outgoing of each seed. Due to this, the pouring out of the working fluid can be precisely synchronized with respect to the moment of sowing of each nucleus. The system «Agroshot», shown at the Agro-2018 and the Ukrainian Days of the Field, can work simultaneously with two different solutions - the first pouring directly onto the seeding site - the pickling, and the second, poured out after the seed - containing nutrients.

Due to the ability to accurately specify the place of supply of liquid fertilizer, it is possible to apply budgetary high-salt polyphosphates, which must not be applied on the core itself.

The Agroshot system can be installed on almost any planter, after which its owner can keep a record of the number of planted seeds and know how much fertilizer is poured into each hectare.

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