High-performance sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l)

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with the Kubota 2.4 L engine is characterized by increased productivity and low pressure on the soil - 160 g/cm². High permeability and low pressure on the soil allow the «Vodoley 2» (2,4 l) sprayer to move wherever technics on the conventional wheels becomes stuck. Even if the soil is very wet, «Vodoley» will easily move aross the field, applicating liquid fertilizers (or granulated ones) properly.

High-performance sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l)

Sprayer-spreader «Vodoley» (2,4l) on ultra-low pressure tires

Thanks to the placement of the engine in the front, the weight of the «Vodoley 2» (2.4 l) sprayer-spreader is evenly distributed over all six wheels when the working fluid tank or the granule tank is fully loaded.

Sprayer «Vodoley 2» (2,4l) can be equipped as a sprayer for working with liquid fertilizers or as a spreader - for working with granular fertilizers. In first case, a set of equipment for working with liquid fertilizers, UAN is installed on it. The application process is controlled by the on-board computer «Vodoley» with the GPS module, the main task of which is synchronization of the rate of outflow of liquid fertilizers with the speed of the movement of the machinery on which it is installed.

Self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l) - increased productivity

Due to the fact that the Japanese Kubota engine has a volume of 2.4 liters, «Vodoley 2» is capable of maintaining a fertilizer outflow rate of up to 500 liters per hectare. In this case, the speed of movement along the field should be no more than 10 km/h. The computer responsible for maintaining of the outflow rate transfers the results of the processing to the Agrosystem's database. Due to this, the owner can observe the process of applying liquid fertilizers in his field in real time.

Upon completion of work, it is possible to view the result of processing in the account through the Web interface.

Innovative system for feeding granules Vibro System from EuroSpand Galileo (Italy)

If it is necessary to work with granular fertilizers, Vibro System equipment from EuroSpand Galileo (Italy) can be installed on «Vodoley 2» (2,4 l). The innovative system is interesting in that the fertilizer is fed without usage of mixers - the outlet of the granules (seeds) from the hopper is provided by vibrating rings. As a consequence, the size of the granules does not change, and the spreading radius remains original, unlike the traditional mixers, which usually damage some of the granules (seeds), which unexpectedly changes the dispersion radius and worsens the accuracy of the application.

Summing up. Self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» (2,4l) is characterized by increased productivity and the availability of hydraulic drive, which allows to install, in addition to a set of equipment for working with liquid fertilizers, an installation for working with granular fertilizers.

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