GPS navigator «Vodoley 2» for sprayer, tractor

GPS navigator «Vodoley 2» for the tractor and sprayer helps to more rationally use liquid fertilizers. Its main task is to help the driver to process the field without repeats or skip zones. For what the technics should go on parallel lines, the distance between which is equal to the span of the rods.

GPS navigator «Vodoley 2» for the sprayer has replaced signalmen

Initially, this problem was solved with the help of signalers, who had helped the driver to see the landmark on the edge of the field. Either foam was used on the field, to indicate the trajectory of motion. All this required the attraction of additional employees and caused increasing of the costs of the work.

Field computer «Vodoley 2» for the tractor works as a course indicator

The field computer «Vodoley 2» for the tractor performs the work of the indicator pointer without connecting extra employees. All the data necessary for the work is visualized on the screen. After bypassing the field to be processed, the computer «Vodoley 2» automatically marks the zone of the forthcoming processing on the screen in parallel lines. The driver need to keep his tractors course along these guides during the application of fertilizers.

The main features of the GPS navigator for the sprayer:

  • Work in parallel driving mode;
  • Measurement of the area of ​​the field (after detour around the perimeter);
  • Display of gaps and overlaps during processing;
  • Accounting for the length of the traversed path, the treated area, the speed of movement;
  • Setting the width of the treatment for the current sprayer;
  • Changing the display scale on the screen;
  • Indication of deviation from the required course of motion;
  • Counting and indication of seed supply and introduction of seed fertilizers (for seeders).

The results of the field processing are stored in the Agrosystem's database and are available for viewing through the Web interface from any gadget that has an Internet connection.

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