Self-propelled sprayers for sale in Ukraine

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» sells self-propelled sprayers of the «Vodoley» series (analogous to «Rosa»). Ultra-low pressure tires provide extremely high permeability - even if the soil is very wet, all work will be completed in full.


What is a tilled seed drill

Modern sowing machines simplify labor, reduce costs and increase the accuracy of sowing operations. Most seeds are fed to the points of application without mechanical damage and therefore retain their germination. The computer can keep records and store the result of processing in the «cloud».


The principle of the vacuum seeder

To accelerate the pace of work and increase the accuracy of sowing, vacuum seeders are used today. The general principle and work will be considered in this article.


UAVs will protect aircraft from birds

Unexpected at first glance, possibility of the using of the UAVs to protect aircraft from birds. Traditional systems usually simply scare the birds with light and sound signals. It is possible to use trained predator birds. But these methods are not very effective - birds can only be scared, the trajectory of their future flight will be unexpected.


Update of RTX Correction technology from Trimble

Updating the RTX technology allows you to determine the coordinates of the technics with an error of less than 2 cm without using of virtual reference stations.


Precise Farming: Key Technologies and Concepts

What technologies of Precise Farming are available today, and at what stages of agricultural work they can be used, we will consider in this article.


In the Ternopil region began to grow paulownia as biofuel

Due to its high calorific value - 20.3 MJ/kg paulownia tree is the best choice for manufacturing of the fuel briquettes. High growth rate and the ability to resume growth from the place of the sawing make this tree even more attractive for business.


Modernization, repairing of the trailed sprayers

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» proceed the modernization of trailed sprayers for more economical application of the liquid fertilizers. The spraying machine maintains the application rate constant even with speed fluctuations.


Alternative to computer Bravo 180 - the computer «Vodoley 1» with GPS module

Expanding the functionality of the computer Bravo 180 its analogue «Vodoley 1» integrates the technique, on which is installed, in the «Agrosystem». The result of its work can be viewed through the Web-interface.


4 Steps to Implement Precise Agriculture Technologies on Your Farm

What exactly needs to be done on your farm to start using the technologies of precision farming. Where to start and whether to buy the most expensive brand?


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