What is a tilled seed drill

A tilled seed drill or seeder for sowing tilled crops is classified according to the variety of plants for seeding - corn, beet, suitable for sowing and sowing sunflower.

The seeder for row crops consists of a number of separate sections

Structurally, they are usually mounted units mounted on frame. The modern seeder for row crops, meeting the market requirements, has a sectional structure. That is, the tractor tows the unit behind it, which provides seeding at once in many rows. Each row is treated with a separate seeding mechanism that includes a seed hopper, a seed supply system (for example, a vacuum system), various devices that increase the accuracy of immersion in the soil and maintain the necessary distance between seeding points.

Each section individually follows the relief of the ground, which provides a more accurate maintenance of the depth of seeding for this row.

The number of the processing rows can be changed

Due to the modularity, it is possible to change the number of rows of a row seeder and adjust the distance between planting rows (within 40-70 cm). It turns out a kind of constructor - you can pick up the necessary number of rows of crops for each task. Usually, this figure varies between 6-12 pcs. But in the web, you can find a photo of the record-making seeder, with a width of 48 sections. To use such an aggregate, a tractor with an engine of more than 350 hp is needed.

Computer «Vodoley 2» transmits the coordinates of the seeding to the «Agrosystems» database

Modern transportation mechanisms for the seeds reduce the likelihood of damage, so germination increases and costs are reduced during seeding. In the case of installing an on-board computer and seed emission sensors, it is possible to keep a record of the quality of the work carried out. For example, to register the presence of doublings (ejection of two seeds in one point) and omissions. The computer «Vodoley 2», saves the sowing coordinates and transfers the results of the seeding to the «Agrosystem» database. Further, the quality of processing of this territory can be assessed by studying the cartogram in the personal office of «Agrosystem».

Modern sowing machines simplify labor, reduce costs and increase the accuracy of sowing operations.

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