The principle of the vacuum seeder

What is the working principle of a seeder with a vacuum mechanism and why is it needed? To increase the yield, the field is treated not only mechanically - without fertilization, one can not even hope for a good yield. But after the soil has received all the necessary substances, there is a completely logical desire to use it «one hundred percent».

Vacuum seeder allows you to plant seeds accurately and quickly

Each culture has its optimal distance between the shoots. If the distance is closer, then the competition of plant roots for nutrients in the soil will begin, if further, then the precious land, for processing which was spent a lot of money, will simply stand idle. It is also important to what depth the seeds will be introduced. Each culture in this regard has its own requirements.

To keep all requirements completely, and you need a seeder. The vacuum seeder feeder protects them from damage and allows you to control the feed rate to the ground.

Vacuum seeder keeps seeds on the drum due to the air flow

Different manufacturers have different designs, but the general idea is the same. Above the container with seeds, a hollow drum rotates with holes in the wall. For each culture, the diameter of the holes is different. Due to the operation of the pump, the pressure inside the drum is lower than atmospheric, so the seeds are kept near the holes. The number of seeds seized corresponds exactly to the number of holes. As the seeds rotate, they approach the point of discharge, where they will be mechanically separated from drum (without damaging them) and are fed into each of the seminal ducts. The faster the technique moves, the faster the drum rotates and more seeds are thrown out in a second. Of course, there is an upper limit to the possible speed of operation.

After the modernization of the vacuum seeder, it will be able to applicate liquid fertilizers

If a set of equipment for applying liquid fertilizers is installed on the seed drill, then the starter fertilizers can be introduced simultaneously with sowing. To this end, the company «Comprehensive AgroService» is working on the modernization of seeders, cultivators and disk harrows. After installing on the soil-cultivating technique of the spraying computer and the working fluid supply system, it can simultaneously applicate liquid fertilizers and plant protective products, with the usual tasks. The amount of fertilizers applied and the quality of the processing of the territory will be stored in the database of «Agrosystem».

The device «Vodoley 2» takes into account the amount of ejected seeds

After installing the parallel driving device «Vodoley 2» and the detectors of the passage of the seeds, it is possible to take into account the number of seeds sown on each hectare field. That is, the processing result saved in the «Agrosystem» will include not only the dose of fertilizers applied, but also the number of seeds planted in the given territory.

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