Alternative to computer Bravo 180 - the computer «Vodoley 1» with GPS module

The computer «Vodoley 1» with a GPS module (analogue of the computer Bravo 180) automatically supports the rate of outflow when applying liquid fertilizers. Like the computer «Bravo 180» - it keeps the dosage of the working fluid, regardless of the driving speed of the unit.

The analogue of the Bravo 180 computer with the GPS-GSM module transmits the results of work to the «Agrosystem»

Both computers can determine the speed of movement through the field using a wheel sensor. «Vodoley 1» can use the GPS system to determine the speed of the vehicle on which it is installed. During operation, the driver can see the following:

  • current speed (km/h);
  • the distance traveled (km);
  • treated area (ha);
  • duration of work in hours;
  • amount of liquid in the tank (l);
  • operating pressure in the system (bar);
  • flow rate of working fluid (l/min);
  • in the case of installation of the "Face control" system, the computer «Vodoley 1» can display on the screen information about the violation of the passability of the nozzle, indicating its number.

If the Arag control system with electrical sectional valves (3 or 5 sections) is installed to control the working fluid, the Bravo 180 computer («Vodoley 1») allows you to turn on/off the individual sections during operation without leaving the cab. This avoids repeated application on the already processed territory in case of partial overlapping. The computer «Vodoley 1» is interchangeable by the connectable periphery with the electronic system «Bravo 180».

Additional quality control of the tillage

The presence of GPS-GSM module allows the spraying computer «Vodoley 1» to determine the coordinates of the tecnics on the field and, together with the current flow rate, transfer this data to the database of the «AgroSystem». The owner can monitor the work of the sprayer in the field online via the web interface. Data about the results of processing are saved and can be viewed on the site, saved as a report file or printed.

The spraying computer «Vodoley 1» can be installed on a sprayer, seeder or cultivator (as part of the service of retrofitting agrotechnics for the application of liquid fertilizers). Thanks to the GPS-GSM module, the functionality of this computer is wider than that of the Bravo-180. «Vodoley 1» integrates the technics on which it is installed in the «AgroSystem», which opens up additional opportunities for quality control of processing, fuel consumption, yield (for more details, read here).

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