Self-propelled sprayers for sale in Ukraine

To work on the field in all weather conditions, you need an off-road technique. The tractor is considered very reliable in this respect, but there are situations when the land simply «does not hold anything», and it is necessary to work and time does not wait. The company «Comprehensive AgroService» sells self-propelled sprayers of the «Vodoley» series on ultra-low pressure tire casings. They will be able to work on dry land and in swampy terrain, where the technique on ordinary wheels jeopardizes every second at the bottom.

Sale of self-propelled sprayers with increased cross-country ability

If you want to be sure that your technic, regardless of the weather conditions, will be able to applicate liquid fertilizers, buy a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» on ultra-low pressure tires. Due to the pressure on the ground from 100 to 160 g/cm², «Vodoley» will be able to drive even where the technique on conventional wheels is stuck.

Buy a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with a Japanese engine Kubota

Economical in operation sprayer «Vodoley 1» is equipped with the engine «Kubota» 1,5l. The consumption of diesel fuel for processing 1 hectare is 0.2 liters. The rate of work is not less than 30 hectares/hour. «Vodoley 2», is equipped with the engine "Kubota" 2,4l. It is distinguished by higher productivity, the ability to accurately hold the outflow rate even with extra low speed. Fuel consumption of 0.3-0.4 l/ha. Due to the hydraulic power take-off of the engine, it holds the rate of outflow from the start of the movement.

Sale of self-propelled sprayers with hydraulic opening rod

Sprayers can be equipped with a rod with a hydraulic opening system. In this case, the transfer of the sprayer from the traveling mode to the working mode takes less than a minute and is controlled by the driver from the cabin. In the marching mode, the sprayer can move along public roads. It is possible to install conventional wheels, instead of ultra-low pressure busbars.

In the case of installation of the Vibro System from EuroSpand Galileo on the chassis of «Vodoley», it becomes possible to make granular fertilizers, seeds of some crops.

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