In the Ternopil region began to grow paulownia as biofuel

Paulownia as biofuels

In Ternopil region «Bioenergetic farm» (Ukrainian-Norwegian enterprise) began to grow a promising energy carrier - the tree of Pavlovnia. For the present, for Ukraine, this tree is a novelty.

High growth rate of Pavlovnia

Features of Pavlovnia wood allows to use it for bioethanol production, making heating briquettes, musical instruments, furniture, surfboards, etc. This amazing tree has an extremely high growth potential - up to 20 m in height for 8 years. For industrial purposes, cloned plant samples are used, they have an increased potential of growth.

The plant should be planted on well drained soils, with an acidity of 5.1 to 8.9. Clayey and stony do not fit. They need groundwater at a depth of 2 m.

Growth resumes from the place of sawing

The optimal landing distance is 4 m from each other. Thus, 625 seedlings can fit on one hectare. The planted hybrid is sterile, propagates exclusively vegetatively - by microcloning. But worry about the re-purchase is not worth it - after sawing, growth resumes in the same place thanks to a powerful root system. As practice shows, one seedling gives 8 crops every 8 years due to a powerful root system.

It is permissible to cut the tree every 3 years, in order to obtain wood.

Pavlovnia - an excellent choice for heating

Due to the high content of tannin, wood is less attractive for woodworm beetles. The calorific value of 20.3 MJ/kg is higher than that of most deciduous and coniferous. The energy value is 4211 kcal/kg.

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