Modernization, repairing of the trailed sprayers

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» makes the modernization of trailed sprayers. After installing the spray control system and the equipment for supplying and distributing of the working fluid, the accuracy of compliance of the outflow rate increases, the fluid consumption decreases.

What should be installed to upgrade the trailed sprayer

To maintain the outflow rate, electronic monitoring is needed, so a computer for spraying (similar to the Bravo 180s computer) must be installed. Its main task is to maintain a predetermined rate of outflow with fluctuations in the speed of motion. In order to be able to work with any liquid fertilizers, the ARAG (Italy) or similar control and supply system must be installed. For KAS-32 will need pipes and hoses made of polymers or stainless steel.

Face Control system for monitoring of the operation of each injector

The customer can choose a system with manual valves or electronic. In the second case, it is possible to cut off the supply of liquid fertilizer during the movement of equipment through the field without leaving the cab. When installing the Face Control module (controlled by the «Vodoley 1» spraying computer), you can see the presence/absence of the patency of each individual nozzle during operation, with the indication of its number on the screen.

Installation of the spraying computer with the GPS module

Thanks to the GPS-GSM module, the «Vodoley 1» spraying computer not only maintains the outflow rate at a constant level, but also transfers the results to the Agrosystem's database. Using the Web interface, the owner can observe the operation of the equipment online. Also, you can evaluate the result of processing the entire field later, download the report as a file or print it.

Repairing of the trailed sprayers

In the event of damage to the rods or failure of individual elements of the working fluid supply, the company «Comprehensive AgroService» repairs the trailed sprayer. The scope and type of work to be performed will depend on the technical condition of the unit.

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