The Comprehensive AgroService company at InterAGRO 2018

From 30.10 to 01.11 2018, the exhibition InterAgro 2018 takes place in Kiev. The exhibition program includes presentations, master classes, and conferences. The organizers see the objectives of the exhibition not only to demonstrate the new models of equipment, but also to provide farmers with access to the latest trends in the field of agriculture.


The company «Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibition AGROEXPO-2018

From September 26 to September 29, the AGROEXPO 2018 exhibition was held in Kropivnitsky, where the «Comprehensive AgroService» company presented sprayer «Vodoley» and a set of equipment used for re-equipment for liquid fertilizers of seeders, cultivators and deep-rippers.


Are drones safe?

How to quickly examine two thousand hectares of land? What if a "drunkard" drone regularly flies over your field (garage)? Call the police or not - suddenly sent to the hospital? The drone can fall, and can also break something. Let's pour a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey of modern technology.


Agrobroid and cradle - make a brain transplant to your harvester

Do not need to buy several different appliances, if you have to work in the field harvester, tractor and sprayer. The C2-A2 droid1 knows perfectly well what they are different from, and can easily manage all these types of agricultural machinery.


«Comperehensive AgroService» company is waiting for you at the exhibition AGROEXPO-2018

The company «Comperehensive AgroService» invites everyone to visit the presentation platform at the AGROEXPO-2018 exhibition, which will be held in the city of Kropiwnicki.


Re-equipment of direct seeding seeders for application of liquid fertilizers, UAN-32

To reduce the costs of cultivating the soil in conditions of arid climate, Argentine farmers use technologies with minimal soil tillage - «no-till». Sowing with simultaneous application of fertilizers, a direct seeder is performs directly on the crop residues.


Device for monitoring of the clogged injectors for liquid fertilizers

The device for monitoring the clogged injectors continuously monitors the movement of the working fluid through each of them. In the event of stopping the movement of liquid, a signal is given and a message with the number of the clogged injector appears on the LCD monitor.


Modernization of the John Deere 1890 pneumatic seed drill for the liquid fertilizers usage

Specialists of the company «Comprehensive AgroService» have modernized the John Deere 1890 pneumatic seed drill for application of liquid fertilizers, UAN-32. Now, by sowing, the seeder can applicate liquid fertilizers.


Robot for growing «sports» chickens broilers

The robot improves the regime of growing chickens, forcing them to move more, which increases the growth of muscle mass, reduces the use of antibiotics, and improves health.


«CENEX» fuels up the technics right on the job site

The company «CENEX» provides a service of delivering fuel directly to the place of operation of the technics. Do not even need to monitor the level of fuel in the tank - everything will be done by electronics.


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