The Comprehensive AgroService company at InterAGRO 2018

From 30.10 to 01.11 2018, the exhibition InterAgro 2018 takes place in Kiev. The exhibition program includes presentations, master classes, and conferences.

The organizers see the objectives of the exhibition not only to demonstrate the new models of equipment, but also to provide farmers with access to the latest trends in the field of agriculture.

Plan of events at InterAgro 2018

The exhibition began with the presentation of new products from the company Amazone. Further, visitors could choose a master class according to their occupation. Immediately it should be noted that the technological innovations are closely intertwined with such a field as the digitization of agriculture. It becomes clearer and clearer that without an accurate record of the use of fuel and lubricants, fertilizers, plant protection equipment on each hectare in a rigid link to the subsequent yield of this hectare, it is impossible to talk about improving the profitability of an enterprise today.

Technique, which was scheduled to be shown on InterAGRO 2018

It is obvious that today you will not be able to get far without technological innovations, that is why at the InterAGRO 2018 exhibition in Kiev, the InterAGRO Innovation Award has already become a traditional contest, in which everyone does not just show technics, but also prove that their solution is innovative. Here will be considered tractors, mobile loaders, transporting machinery, combine harvesters, machinery for harvesting fodder, equipment for fertilizing, equipment for working with fruits, just various components and assemblies for replacement and modernization.

Company «Comprehensive AgroService» at InterAGRO 2018

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» demonstrates at the InterAgro 2018 exhibition a self-propelled sprayer/spreader of the «Vodoley» series and a demonstration kit for re-equipment of seeders (cultivators) for the application of liquid fertilizers.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» on the tires of ultra-low pressure will be able to handle the field at any time of the year and in any soil condition. Even if the ground is extremely wet and the equipment on ordinary wheels just gets stuck, the entire amount of work will be completed by «Vodoley» in full.

Service of modernization of seeders and cultivators for liquid fertilizers usage

Thanks to the service of modernization of the land-cultivating machinery, your company will be able to save money at the stage of land processing After modernization, the seeder (disc harrow) will be able to introduce liquid fertilizer simultaneously with the performance of its typical tasks. Less vehicle passes through the field and lower fuel consumption, time.

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