Agrobroid and cradle - make a brain transplant to your harvester

The agricultural agricultural Cognitive2-Agro2 Droid1 developed in Russia allows solving several problems at once.


First, it is a universal computer, a "brain" for any type of agricultural machinery. Do not need to buy several different appliances, if you have to work in the field harvester, tractor and sprayer. The C2-A2 droid1 knows perfectly well what they are different from, and can easily manage all these types of agricultural machinery.

Cradle-attachment allows the electronic brain to take root in a new place

Secondly, an important component of this system is the cradle - a special prefix that allows you to connect the electronic "brain" to any periphery. It allows the C2-A2 droid1 to control different types of equipment at no extra cost.

Cyclope vision C2-A2 droid1

Contrary to expectations, the price of C2-A2 droid1 is lower than the analogues from the EU, which is achieved due to a number of non-standard solutions. For example, you can navigate the field and on the road with just one video camera. Import options use for this either multi-camera systems, or laser scanners of the terrain, which significantly increases their cost.

Overtime payments you can leave to yourself

Thus, the solution C2-A2 droid1 allows the owner to get a computer as a employee who owns different types of equipment, can work around the clock and without days off and does not require a salary (and overtime).

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