The company «Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibition AGROEXPO-2018

From September 26 to September 29, the AGROEXPO 2018 exhibition was held in Kropivnitsky, where the «Comprehensive AgroService» company presented sprayer «Vodoley» and a set of equipment used for re-equipment for liquid fertilizers usage of seeders, cultivators and deep-rippers.

The exhibition AGROESKPO-2018 consisted of a number of events and included:

  • Business program;
  • Livestock breeders;
  • The exhibition of technics, a demonstration of its work;
  • The strongmen show;
  • «Pokrovsky Fair»;
  • Car exhibition.

Business program of the AGROEXPO-2018

The business program of the AGROEXPO 2018 exhibition in Kropyvnytskyi included a number of discussions and presentations by representatives of various government agencies: the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Department of Culture of Tourism and the Cultural Heritage of the Kirovograd Regional State Administration.

In addition to government agencies, commercial organizations also participated. For example, from «PAT Kievmedpreparat», a lecture on the metabolism of calcium in the body of cows was read by Leonid Paded.

An exhibition of breeding animals at AGROEXPO-2018

At the exhibition of breeding animals, various cattle-breeding companies presented their best outcome: small and cattle, horses, goats, rabbits and even ostrich. The latter are interesting for the reason that there is some demand for ostrich eggs and its meat on the Ukrainian market. Although both are rather related to the category of exotic dishes.

Also considered such areas as:

  • equipment and technologies used in animal husbandry and in the rearing of birds;
  • feed additives;
  • processing and disposal of animal waste;
  • veterinary issues;
  • genetics, selection and more.

Demonstration of technics and its work at AGROEXPO-2018

In addition to the static demonstrations, where the equipment will stand, and basic information can be obtained from the booklets, or by asking questions, demonstration races were provided.

At a demonstration site that mimics the field, various companies showed the work of coarse-rippers, plows, disc harrows, cultivators, mulchers, cultivators, seeders, rollers, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders.

Sprayer «Vodoley» will be released in the field when the technics on ordinary wheels gets stuck

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» demonstrated the work of the «Vodoley» self-propelled sprayer on ultra-low pressure tires. Increased permeability with low pressure on the ground allows the «Vodoley» to perform all the work in full, even if the soil is very soggy and impassable for vehicles on conventional wheels.

Re-equipment for liquid fertilizers application of seeders, cultivators and coarse-rippers

To reduce the costs of the enterprise in the processing of land, the company «Comprehensive AgroService» provides a service for the modernization of tillage equipment for the application of liquid fertilizers. Due to this, the cultivator will be able to apply liquid fertilizers (UAN-32) and plant protection products simultaneously with the standard tillage.

Strongman show at AGROEXPO-2018

Vasily Virastiuk was engaged in judging at these competitions. This year the program was expanded even more, in addition to towing by the strong mens of the heavy technics, several competitions were held.

Pokrovskaya Fair at AGROEXPO-2018

Not only the sale of products, but also the holding of agricultural competitions have already become traditional for this fair - this year Valery Pomazan received the prize. His giant pumpkin weighed 43.5 kg. By the way, he was the winner last year, also with a pumpkin, with a score of 46.8 kg.

AutoLand Auto Show at AGROEXPO-2018

Here, various manufacturers showed cars, trucks and special equipment. On the test track were test drives of SUVs and crossovers.

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