«CENEX» fuels up the technics right on the job site

To accelerate the conduct of agricultural work, farmers are constantly looking for new solutions. The company «CENEX» offers a rather unexpected approach to saving time and money - refueling of the agricultural technics at the place of its work at a fixed price.

The demand for fuel is growing - the price grows

Often at the time of harvesting, the price of fuel jumps up, following the rule «when the demand grows - the price grows». In addition, in order for the technics to have enough fuel in the field, additional resources must be attracted - someone should regularly monitor consumption, make orders, control delivery. To solve this problem, you can use modern technology.

Electronic system will monitor fuel consumption

The service offered by CENEX includes the installation of tracking equipment on each unit of equipment. The fuel sensors monitor the level of fuel in the tank, when a certain level is reached, a special system sends a signal. Due to the presence of the GPS sensor, the coordinates of the machine with low level of fuel is determined. After that, the fuel tanker is sent there.

After paying for the installation of equipment, the user remains to pay only for liters of delivered fuel. At the time of writing, the payment was made on a monthly basis, upon delivery or at a fixed price.

  • Monthly version is used when paying for all fuel delivered over the past month.
  • In fact - payment is made every time during refueling.
  • Fixed payment occurs in the event of a contract concluded for a month, in which case the price is stable and does not change even with fluctuations in the market.

The owner of the equipment on which such equipment is installed can monitor all of its movements, both in real time, and track all movements within a month. Work is simplified, since there is no need to monitor fuel levels, no downtime of equipment in the busiest season due to lack of fuel.

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