Re-equipment of direct seeding seeders for application of liquid fertilizers, UAN-32

work of the direct seed drill

To reduce the costs of cultivating the soil in conditions of arid climate, Argentine farmers use technologies with minimal soil tillage - «no-till». For the main operation in this case - sowing with simultaneous application of fertilizers, a direct seeder is used, that works directly on the crop residues.

The direct seeder reduces water losses and soil loads

Direct seeding technology is very in demand in regions where there is little precipitation and a hot climate. Minimal impact on the soil reduces the loss of water, as it preserves the roots and normal structure of the earth. The natural «rippers» of the soil are roots and worms. As the experience of those who already use direct sowing shows, the number of worms increases by 5 times in the field, where no deep loosening is used. The result is a double effect - less pressure on the soil, because less equipment goes into the fields and encreases the quantity of natural rippers.

Vegetable residues protect from the wind, delay snow

The field with remains of the plants more evenly receives moisture during the rain and has additional protection from the wind. At the same time, after deep plowing, the rain washes away the most valuable, surface layer, the moisture absorbing is delayed. In the absence of precipitation after «deep» loosening options, the soil dries out heavily. In the fields with plant residues in winter, a thicker layer of snow is retained, which provides additional protection against freezing.

For the no-till technology, the best option is liquid fertilizers

The «no-till» technology means minimal impact on the soil, for which the crop is produced by a direct seeder. Simultaneously with sowing, fertilizers are introduced, and since it is a question of arid climate, it is more rational to use the liquid form of fertilizers. In this case, fertilizer will become more readily available for plant roots, there is no need to expect rain, without which it is impossible to dissolve granules.

Re-equipment of direct seeding seed drills

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» carries out the modernization of seeders (cultivators, disc harrows) for the application of liquid fertilizers. After installing the computer and the equipment for feeding of the working fluid, the seeder can, by performing the sowing operation, also introduce liquid fertilizers. The advantages of liquid fertilizers, which will be immediately noted by the owner, is the ability to accurately observe the outflow rate and the convenience of accounting for the consumption of the liquid fertilizers.

To order the re-equipment service of the direct seeder, call 380504200351.

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