«Comperehensive AgroService» company is waiting for you at the exhibition AGROEXPO-2018

The company «Comperehensive AgroService» invites everyone to visit the presentation platform at the AGROEXPO-2018 exhibition, which will be held in the city of Kropiwnicki. To your attention will be presented the self-propelled sprayers-spreaders of the «Vodoley» series and a kit for the conversion of soil cultivating equipment for the application of the liquid fertilizers.

Self-propelled sprayers of the «Vodoley» series on AGROEXPO-2018

Thanks to ultra-low pressure tires, they are not simply distinguished by extremely high cross-country capacity - they can be used for foliar application of liquid fertilizers.

High permeability guarantees fertilizers application in all weather conditions

If you want to be sure that the field will be processed, despite any fancy weather, buy a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley». Even if the ground is very wet and the technics on traditional wheels does not pass, the sprayer «Vodoley» will be able to move and applicate the necessary fertilizer.

Modernization of equipment for the application of liquid fertilizers

To make it possible for a seeder, cultivator or disc harrow, simultaneously with the processing of the territory, to introduce liquid fertilizers, order the service of modernization of soil cultivation equipment for the application of UAN and other liquid fertilizers.

How to find us at the exhibition can be seen on the pictures below.

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