Plant protection methods

In real life, a combination of all these methods is used, which is an integrated method of plant protection. The choice of ingredients depends on the capabilities of the enterprise and the type of crops grown. In the case that the cost of all types of treatments will be cheaper than the yield loss without these treatments, the treatment can be considered rational.


Buy self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2»

Having bought self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» you will be able to work with both liquid and solid forms of fertilizers. Moving across the field, it puts pressure on the soil 100-160 g/cm², therefore it does not leave a technological rut.


The use of ammonia water as a source of nitrogen

Ammonium water liquid fertilizer is attractive because of its price, which is lower per kilogram of nitrogen than that of granular fertilizers. This is due to the large number of stages of production of dry granules: granulation, drying, sorting, conditioning. Thermal energy is spent on evaporation, and since energy prices are rising, liquid fertilizers are becoming cheaper, relatively granular.


What are the methods of the applicating of herbicides today?

Fluid movement is easier to control, the speed of this process can be changed very quickly, which allows you to accurately maintain the rate of outflow, even with unstable speed of movement of equipment on the field.


Buy self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 1» (similar to Rosa) in Ukraine

Buy a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley 1», means to be sure that you have an ability to perform the application of the liquid fertilizers at any condition of the soil. Thanks to low-pressure tires, it does not make the technological track and keep alive those 4% of plants that are usually flattened by technics on ordinary wheels.


Additional equipment for sprayers

In addition to the basic units, work without which is simply impossible, a modern sprayer can be equipped with additional equipment that improves the quality of processing or simplifies the work of the driver.


Rental of sprayer of the «Vodoley» series for application of liquid fertilizers

For a one-time application of liquid fertilizers, the optimal solution will be renting equipment for applying liquid fertilizers - sprayers of the «Vodoley» series with an on-board spraying computer. It is designed to work with liquid fertilizers, UAN, plant protection products.


Modernization of seeders and cultivators for the using of the liquid fertilizes

After the modernization of the seeder or cultivator for the introduction of the UAN or PPP you will get a reduction in the consumption of the liquid fertilizers. Using the on-board computer «Vodoley 1» you will get a more even application of UAN across the entire processed territory.


Application of liquid mineral fertilizers

The dose of liquid mineral fertilizers depends on the needs of the crop and the amount of trace elements already present in the soil. If only nitrogen is needed, then the best solution is UAN. NPS grade contains nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur.


Technics for applying of the liquid fertiliser - sprayer of the «Vodoley» series

The machine for applying of the liquid fertilizers should be suitable for both foliar plant nutrition and for soil application of fertilizers, the application process must be controlled by computer, the soil should be affected with minimum pressure.


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