Technics for applying of the liquid fertiliser - sprayer of the «Vodoley» series

In order to optimize costs in the cultivation of soil, a modern technique for applying liquid fertilizers should be used. What we want to expect from it:

  • It should be suitable for both foliar plant nutrition and for soil application of UAN 32;
  • The application process must be manageable and accurate;
  • Minimum pressure on the soil.

The advantages of a liquid form include:

  • Simplicity of accounting for poured working fluid;
  • The ability to quickly change the speed of the outflow;
  • The ability to mix several active substances in one tank.

Technics for applying of the liquid mineral fertilizers - sprayer of the «Vodoley» series

To the maximum extent such requirements are met by «Vodoley». The technique for applying liquid fertilizers should not just pour out the liquid - the rate of outflow should change on the move, and the volume of the used solution should be accurately accounted for. To monitor compliance with the rate of application of the UAN or PPP during operation, the «Vodoley» sprayer is equipped with an on-board computer with a GPS module. Its main task is to synchronize the rate of outflow with the speed of the movement of equipment across the field. Even with unstable speed, for each hectare will be poured the planned dose of the substance.

For application of liquid fertilizers, the technics must be equipped with a spraying computer

Computer «Vodoley 1» with GPS module performs the following tasks:

  • Control the speed of movement of technics and pouring out of the liquid;
  • Distance traveled and number of poured out liquid;
  • Fluid pressure in the system and its quantity in the tank;
  • The GPS coordinates of the equipment and the rate of outflow are juxtaposed and stored in the database of the AgroSystem.

As already mentioned, liquid fertilizers can be mixed in one container with herbicides. Thanks to this, several processing methods can be performed in one pass of the technic.

Sprayer of the «Vodoley» series - a technique for applying fertilizers in both autumn and spring

Sprayers of the «Vodoley» series are is well suited for both the main processing, and for foliar plant nutrition. In addition to having a computer, it is distinguished by the presence of ultra-low pressure tires. Thanks to this suspension, it can move along the heavily wet soil, or along the soil during the melting of snow. As the second bonus - after going through the field with wheat in the phase of tillering «Vodoley» will not hurt plants.

The pressure exerted on the ground does not exceed 160 g/m2, which is less than the human foot. Wheat, with a stem height of up to 50 cm rises on the 2-3th day after the passage of «Vodoley» across the field. This is what makes him the No. 1 choice for foliar feeding of winter crops. Usually, the plant covers its need for nutrients with the help of the root system. But sometimes the possibilities of the root system are insufficient, then foliar feeding of the plant is the only option to get enough nutrients.

The most important requirement for the technique for foliar application of liquid fertilizers is the exact observance of the outflow rate

A separate conversation is maintaining of the accuracy of the applying dose of the active substance on the entire area during foliar feeding. If the recommended norms are exceeded, leaf burns and necrosis can be expected, so the use of the «Vodoley 1» computer is especially important here. He will not allow to exceed the dose of application, and will save  the plants from burns.

Thus, the «Vodoley» sprayer is the best option if you need a technics to applicate the liquid fertilizers. Besides the minimal pressure to the soil, it accurately supports the rate of fertilizer application on every hectare of the cultivated area, which not only saves the liquid fertilizers, but also protects plants during the foliar feeding from overdoses and burns.

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