Modernization of seeders and cultivators for the using of the liquid fertilizes

Modernization of seeders

To increase the yield, any land needs to be treated with fertilizers. The most rational solution for today is liquid fertilizers. The spraying computer can keep the liquid fertilizer pouring out at the desired level even when the speed of the technics fluctuates. To do this, you need to re-equip the seeder and cultivator.

Advantages of liquid fertilizers


  • Possibility to accurately control the dose of the introduced substance per hectare.
  • The ability to mix several active substances in one tank (UAN, herbicide, PPP). This makes it possible to produce several types of processing in one pass of the machine.
  • UAN, as a variety of liquid fertilizers, is both a means of conventional (soil) and foliar feeding.
  • With UAN, nitrogen losses are no more than 10%, while granular fertilizers have losses of up to 40% nitrogen.

Of course, in order to get the maximum benefits from liquid fertilizers, you should applicate them using the technique that is equipped with the on-board computer «Vodoley 1» with a GPS module and equipment with electronic control, for the supply of working fluid. For what it is necessary to re-equip a standard cultivator (seeder) and its functional will expand.

Modernization of seeders by the computer «Vodoley 1»

Modernization of seeders and cultivators expands their capabilities, which requires a computer and a fluid supply system. During the work the on-board computer «Vodoley» performs the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of the current speed (which is important during the processing of the field).
  • Treated area (Ha).
  • Trajectory of the sprayer movement (the data is received by the GPS module and transmitted in real time).
  • Checking the level of the liquid in the tank (works if the sensor in the tank is installed).
  • Allows you to set a certain level of application of the active substance, leave it in the device memory (in the range of 10 to 250 l/ha).
  • Control of the consistency of the level of supply of the working fluid, regardless of the speed of the machinery through the field (within the capabilities of the fluid pump).
  • If necessary, manually increase/decrease the fluid supply level by 10,20,30%.

During operation, the driver will be able to see the following data on the instrument monitor:Modernization of seeders

  • Current speed (km/h).
  • Already treated area (Ha).
  • Distance traveled in kilometers.
  • Time of work in hours.
  • The total volume of liquid already consumed.
  • Pressure in the fluid supply system (Bar).
  • Flow rate (L/min).
  • Current position of valves (opened/closed).

The additional options of the computer can include:

  • GPS and GSM modules. This allows to get in real-time the traectory of moving and results of work of the modernized seeder. All data will be stored in the AgroSystem database.
  • Fluid distribution system with mechanical or electro valves. The speed sensor, a flowmeter, a manometer (manufactured by ARAG).

computer VodoleyThe result of the additional equipment of the cultivator with all the recommended kit will be the ability to control the fertilization process as efficiently as possible. The application rate of the fertilize will be constant, regardless of the speed of the machinery. In the process of processing, the driver will see the flow, current fluid flow parameters, other moments. Thus, without buying a new technique, and ordering the re-equipping of the seeder that already exists, you get the opportunity to make the most efficient use of liquid fertilizers.


Agronavigator «Vodoley 2» - modernization of the cultivator with a parallel driving system

When upgrading the seeder with the agronavigator «Vodoley 2» it is possible to watch the accuracy of the movement of equipment on the field online in the AgroSystems account. The screen shows the area of passage through the field to be processed, in case of overlapping (re-applying to already processed areas) or openings without processing, this is immediately apparent. Evaluating the results on the screen, the driver can adjust his movements across the field.

Services of processing of your field with the liquid fertilizers

If you need a one-time processing of the field, you can order for this self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» on ultra-low pressure tires, that will perform all the works even on the wetland. It will produce foliar feeding, moving along the field with the plants in the tillering phase. Thanks to the low pressure of the wheels of «Vodoley»(100-160 g/cm2), the plants will rise up on day 2-3.

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