Buy self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2»

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Self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2»

The development of the company Comprehensive AgroService» sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» allows you to work with both liquid forms of fertilizers and solid. For which it must be installed or a set of equipment that works with the liquid, or the spreading system. Thanks to the state compensation program, you can buy the «Vodoley 2» self-propelled sprayer with a reimbursement of 25% of its value.

Moving across the field, it puts pressure on the soil 100-160 g/cm², therefore it does not leave a technological rut. It can be used for foliar (deciduous) nutrition of winter crops, moving directly through the plants to the phase of entering the tube. Differs in increased maneuverability on wet soil and can go out into the field 3 weeks earlier in the spring than is possible for vehicles on ordinary wheels.


Buy self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» with the engine Kubota 2,4l

This model is equipped with a Japanese Kubota 2.4 engine with a torque of 165.8 Nm. The power take-off system is an oil-driven hydraulic actuator that allows you to connect the supply system for liquid and granular fertilizers. Exact retention of the application rate from the start of the movement of the sprayer across the field.

Productivity is not less than 40 hectares/hour. Consumption of diesel fuel 0.3 l/ha during land processing. Placing the Kubota 2.4 engine in front of the sprayer contributes to a more even distribution of the load on the wheels when filling the tank with the working fluid. This further increases the permeability on wet soils.

Buy a sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» for working with liquid and solid forms of fertilizers

To work with liquid fertilizers on the sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» is installed a rod, tank and equipment for supplying the working fluid.

Basic complete set «Vodoley 2» in the sprayer mode:

  • Kubota 2.4T diesel engine;
  • Single cabin 1+1;
  • Capacity for working fluid 1000l, 1500l;
  • Boom 18-24m;
  • Spray kit for liquid fertilizer;
  • Five-section pressure regulator with mechanical (electronic) valves;
  • Diaphragm piston pump;
  • Hydraulic pump.

In the case of working with granulated fertilizers, the Italian system Vibro System from EuroSpand Galileo is installed on the «Vodoley 2». All its main components are made of stainless steel, which guarantees durability. Vibro-system provides careful outgoing of the granules and grains without damaging them, therefore «Vodoley 2», in the spreader mode, can be used for sowing various seeds and wet rice.

Having bought a self-propelled sprayer-spreader «Vodoley 2» you will be able to work with both liquid and solid forms of fertilizers on the same platform.

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