Economic aspects of the introduction of precision farming technologies

To start using the new product regularly, any enterprise will have to spend money, time and other resources. Only trained personnel can correctly use modern agricultural equipment. In addition, after its acquisition will need to change the approach to maintenance, buy new consumables.


Quantix hybrid UAV for automatic field monitoring

Quantix is ​​an example of an all-inclusive solution. Anyone can purchase it and start using it without additional training courses - the main thing is to specify the field for research and deliver the device to it.


Seed treatment to protect the crop

To preserve germination, seeds should not be damaged by a auger. Studies conducted in this direction showed that the largest number of seeds remain viable when the steel auger is protected by a polyethylene coating.


Advantages and disadvantages of local tape fertilizer

For local tape processing by herbicides, it will be necessary to retrofit cultivators and other equipment that performs inter-row processing with a set of special equipment. Leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment are already designing equipment for inter-row processing in such a way that it can be quickly converted to local tape processing by herbicides.


Sensors for assessing the NDVI index

The opposite method to the Fertilization maps, is the correction of the outflow rate in real time - based on the state of green mass of plants. To do this, we need systems that evaluate the NDVI-index of plants using optical, laser or mechanical sensors.


The Robot for Flower Farm - AIS

A person picking up heavy from the floor can injure his back or be tired, it is enough for the robot to carry out repairs, and he can work again. As observations show, workers to load pots with flowers often hold the seedlings themselves not the pots, which is harmful for them, the robot's manipulators can work only with pots, therefore they are a more benign option.


Autonomous Agricultural Platform DOT

At the moment, the DOT platform is already working with a 30-inch seeder, a 60-inch sprayer with a 3,700-liter tank, a 41-track roller and a 17m³ grain cart. The process of changing equipment takes less than a minute. After fixing the implement on 4 hydraulic levers, it remains to connect the hoses for the oil engine and the unit is ready for operation.


Robot apple picker tested in New Zealand

Robotization will not deprive apple picker jobs. After the passage of such a machine, they will have to pick apples in the most inconvenient places, completing the work after the robot. At the current stage, the apple picker robot can be compared with a newcomer, who helps more experienced employees to harvest, but can work around the clock.


The technology of separate supply of the water and plant protection products

Flushing the tank and the working fluid supply system is not necessary only if there is clean water in them. And the herbicide is already served in the pipes, which goes to the sprayers. In this case, at the end of the work, you need to rinse only a few tubes, which requires less liquid.


Quarantine plants

A quarantine organism is a type of weeds, diseases or pests that are absent or scarce in the country. But due to the importation or self-distribution, it can get inside, which will cause economic losses. Due to the expansion of trade, scientific, technical and cultural ties between countries, as well as the development of tourism, the possibilities for quarantine organisms to spread are increasing.


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