The technology of separate supply of the water and plant protection products

Treating seeded crops with plant protection products is an important component of a good harvest. It is very important to strictly adhere to the required level of application of the active substance, since the majority of plant protection products are toxic preparations that adversely affect the environment, and in the case of overdose, also on the treated culture. Another important problem is the ingress of the active substance into the wastewater, often due to the uncontrolled discharge of residues from the sprayer tank.

At the end of the shift, the old system must be flushed

As already discussed in detail in this article after treatment, it is necessary to flush the sprayer tank and the entire working fluid supply system. Many plant protection products decompose in the tank and pipes, leaving hardly removable deposits, which can lead to a violation of the permeability of nozzles, filters, valves. In addition, a fertilizer such as UAN can dissolve such deposits. And further, during the application of fertilizer, a mixture with herbicide will be poured out.

At the end of the working day, 10-50 liters of the working fluid — a diluted herbicide — can remain in the tank. Which will be either poured on the same field, or (in order to save fuel) poured out anywhere. During the season, there may be several such situations, so it would be very reasonable to avoid such over-expenditure of herbicide. For what there is such a solution, as a separate supplying of water and plant protection products.

With a separate supplying of water and herbicide, you do not need to flush the entire system

Flushing the tank and the working fluid supply system is not necessary only if there is clean water in them. And the herbicide is already served in the highway, which goes to the sprayers. In this case, at the end of the work, you need to rinse only a few pipes, which requires less liquid. Another plus of the system of separate supplying with water and plant protection products is that there is no need to mix the working fluid in the tank during the whole treatment in order to maintain a constant concentration.

The main advantages of a separate supplying with water and plant protection products

  • Stability of the concentration of the working solution;
  • The possibility of simultaneous dosing of up to four drugs in different concentrations each;
  • The use of liquid preparations with any viscosity;
  • Wide range of application rate of the working solution, concentration, working pressure;
  • Pressure stability when changing concentration during operation;
  • Saving drugs, because in diluted form they are only in the pipeline, and not in the tank;
  • Safety of use, as in the tank clean water and the risk of contact with the pesticide is lower than in the traditional system.

At present, there are many design schemes for a similar supply of the active substance. The drive of the pump that supplies the herbicide can receive energy from a stream of clean water or an electric motor. They may be several to provide different values ​​of the rate of outflow. Each company has its own work.

Traditional system easier to operate

The technology of separate supply of water and herbicide places high demands on the quality of the working fluid and is not widely available today. If there is no special equipment for this type of supplying the plant protection equipment, it is easier for the enterprise to calculate in advance the estimated consumption of the active substance in a specific field, make the working solution and pour the required amount into the sprayer tank. The mixing process can be carried out directly in the tank, which upon completion of the work will have to be flushed.

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