Advantages and disadvantages of local tape fertilizer

Processing the field with herbicides and other plant protection plants saves the crop from various pests and diseases. But the approach itself may be technologically different. A more traditional option, this is a complete processing. In this case, the sprayer supplies the field with the working fluid solution through sprayers mounted on the boom and directed downwards. The entire surface of the field evenly (as far as the quality of the sprayer allows) is covered with drops of the working fluid. But such an approach makes it necessary to spend more active substance than local tape application.

Most often, cultivated plants on the field grow in rows, at the inter-row spacing the weeds are periodically destroyed with the help of the cultivator’s pointed legs. But weeds that grow in the same rows as cultivated plants remain intact. This is where tape application shows its effectiveness. In contrast to the continuous introduction of the herbicide, the local tape sprays work narrowly, so that the herbicide is supplied only to the growth zone of the culture.

Advantages of local tape fertilizer, herbicides:

  • Herbicide is introduced during the routine operation of inter-row land processing, which saves time and fuel consumption;
  • The overall consumption of herbicide is reduced, so the sprayer should be refilled less often;
  • The harmful effects on the environment are reduced.

Approximate calculations show that using local tape technology per unit area (for corn or sunflower) consumes three times less herbicides than with continuous spraying. That is, at one filling the sprayer can handle a two or three times larger area.

After this treatment, the probability of herbicide accumulation in a concentration dangerous for animals is lower.

When it is not necessary to apply a local tape treatment with herbicides?

With a strong weed infestation of the field, it will be necessary to use continuous herbicide treatment.

For tape processing, it will be necessary to retrofit cultivators and other equipment that performs inter-row processing with a set of special equipment. Leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment are already designing equipment for inter-row processing, taking into account the rapid installation of the kit for tape processing.


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