GPS Tracker


GPS tracker, beacon, search keychain for your technique

Using a GPS tracker improves the quality of customer service. The effectiveness of management is growing due to constant monitoring of the technics, which allows to increase the speed of customer service, quickly resolve emerging controversial situations.

Benefits of using GPS-control systems for transport

  • Control of fuel consumption, refueling and possible discharge;

To monitor the fuel level, such sensors can be used: flow, capacitive, colorimetric.

  • Control of the route and places of loading/unloading;
  • Speed ​​control;
  • Tracking of unauthorized deviations from the route;
  • Additional protection against theft of cargo, hijacking.

Suitable for installation on any type of transport: agricultural machinery, freight and passenger transport, own or leased.

Installation of equipment «turnkey» throughout Ukraine.

Online-monitoring of transport.

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