Uprooting of old gardens

The choice of intensive technologies, in which slimy rootstocks are used, is a prospective trend in the development of industrial gardening. This requires the ubiquitous laying of new gardens, which will increase the profit on smaller territories. The laying of new gardens requires effective and resource-saving technical means for digging up and recycling old garden plantings.

While uprooting the garden plantations, we use the technology of solid stubbing with the use of rootkeeper "Sekach", which are basically a blade with teeth on the basis of a caterpillar tractor. A small amount of roots remains in the soil, a minimum compaction of the lower soil layers occurs. As a result, it is not necessary to carry out a large amount of work to restore soil fertility, as modern technologies use the principle of separate uprooting and disposal of old stumps and root systems.

The overall layout and optimal parameters of the working details of the rootkeeper stumps of fruit trees make it possible to increase efficiency and provide resource saving for the process of uprooting. The efficiency of the process is provided by increasing productivity and reducing the negative impact on the soil. Resource-saving is provided by reducing the traction resistance and the possibility of using tractors of general agricultural purpose.

As part of the work of uprooting gardens we carry out*:

  • Development of a plan to uproot the gardens of any debris;
  • Consultations at all stages within the uprooting;
  • Recommendations for preparing the soil for planting;
  • Introduction into the soil of fertilizers.

At the stages of project development the following basic organizational and agrotechnical issues are studied:

  • The type and age of the garden, intended for uprooting procedure;
  • The depth of the root system;
  • Location of the main roots;
  • Determination of the condition of the soil, a report is provided.
  • After uprooting is done we offer a possibility to create individual recommendations, in order to increase the fertility.

* The scope of work is determined by agreement with each customer on an individual basis.

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