AgroShot system - the maximum accuracy of starter fertilizer application

The «AgroShot» system is the innovative accuracy of introducing liquid starting fertilizers. Development of specialists of the company «Comprehensive AgroService» allows you to control the point of outflow of fertilizer - on the grain or after it.

The «AgroShot» system controls the yield of each grain

The sensors allow the «AgroShot» system to accurately determine the moment of flight of each grain and to supply the working fluid to the drop site or nearby. It is possible to work with two different liquids, for example - the first, etching, is fed directly over the grain. The second - containing nutrients, is fed into the soil after the place where the seed falls.

Advantages of the innovative fertilizer application system «AgroShot»:

  • Reducing the consumption of fertilizers - the active substance is added exactly where the plants are planted, and not over the entire surface of the field;
  • Increased yield - each seed gets an individual portion of nutrients;
  • Culture gets an advantage in speed of start before weeds;
  • Reduction of the total cost of work, due to the possibility of using budget high-salt polyphosphate fertilizers. The system «AgroShot» precisely controls the place of applicating and will not allow this liquid fertilizer to get onto the grain.

The result of work of the «AgroShot» system is stored in the database of the Agrosystem

Principle of work of the AgroShot system

Using the GPS module, the computer determines the coordinates of the technique at the time of ejection of each grain and the amount of poured fluid. The data is transmitted via GPRS and can be viewed online via the Web interface. Simultaneously, the information is stored to the Agrosystem's database. Upon completion of the sowing works, it is possible to view the quality of the field treatment in the personal cabinet - the density of seeding and the dose of the starting fertilizer poured onto a hectare.

Comment to the image: The scheme of the work of one section. Yellow on the ground indicates the points of the fall of grains, red - the introduction of liquid fertilizer on the point of fall, blue - the introduction of another fertilizer, which should not be applicated directly on the grain.

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