Computer «Vodoley» - GPS control of the outflow of the liquid fertilizers

Electronic control over the application of liquid fertilizers gives not only an increased accuracy of compliance with the required dose - it becomes possible to know exactly where on the field the fertilizers were introduced.

What are advantages of the liquid fertilizers

The advantages of liquid fertilizers cause more and more farmers to refuse using of granular forms, because of:

  • Simpler accounting when loading, unloading, storing.
  • The liquid is easier to control directly during application. Technics, equipped for working with liquid fertilizers, can change the outflow rate at any time, depending on the current requirements.
  • After entering to the soil, the liquid form becomes  accessible to the root system of the plant quicker than granular form.
  • The cost of the liquid form is lower than the pellets.
  • Savings time and fuel and lubricants due to the possibility of mixing in one tank different fertilizers and herbicides.


The only thing to consider is the need to re-equip equipment and storage facilities for work with a liquid form of fertilizers.

Order the service of modernization of the earth processing machines for application of liquid fertilizers so your tractor, seeder or cultivator be able to use liquid fertilizers. For this purpose, a spraying computer «Vodoley» and a liquid fertilizer supply system will be installed on it.

The fertilizer saving is not all advantages of liquid form

The spraying computer «Vodoley» with a GPS module is designed to maximize the effectiveness of using of the liquid fertilizers. Its main task is to synchronize the rate of outflow with the speed of the machine. The driver may not be very worried about the speed of movement - as long as it is within the technological capabilities of the pump, the outflow rate will be stable.

Thanks to the GPS module, the computer juxtapose the coordinates of the point on the terrain with the speed of outflow and transfers them to the database of the Agrosystem.

Accurate information on how much and where the fertilizer is poured

On the picture below you can see how the field processing report looks in the personal account of the Agrosystem. The trace of motion of machine across the field is colored with three colors: green, blue, red. Green means that on this segment the outflow speed exactly corresponded to the preset, taking into account the possible error (it is set in the personal cabinet). Red - exceeding the level of the outflow rate is fixed, blue - it was less than that required. In addition, you can visually evaluate the driver's work - how accurately the whole field is processed.

карта покрытия поля

In order to use liquid fertilizers even more rationally, equip your technic with parallel driving device «Vodoley 2». It helps the driver to drive through the field with minimal skips and overlaps between the processing tracks. On the image above it can be seen that the driver was not always traveling in a straight line, that is, between the processing bands there will be omissions and places of repeated application of fertilizers. To maximize the effective use of liquid fertilizers, it is worth to use a combination of the computer for spraying «Vodoley 1» with the parallel driving device «Vodoley 2».

What can this give to the owner of the field?

First, control costs. Thanks to the GPS module, the computer constantly tracks all movements of the technic. Therefore, it is possible to accurately see how effectively fuel is used. If the driver chooses an unreasonable route, the fact of misuse of the fuel will be detected.

Secondly, the coordinates of the technics are preserved at the time of application of fertilizers, along with information on how much liquid is poured out at that moment. Therefore, the owner of the field can know how much was poured on each treated site. And if the performer decides to pour out on three fields, then, what was planned for pouring out on one, then the system will report this.

Thus, the computer for spraying «Vodoley» allows:

  • Maintain a constant level of outflow of the liquid fertilizers, with fluctuations of the speed of movement during processing.
  • Track the trajectory of machinery, to monitor fuel consumption.
  • Track how much of the liquid fertilizes has been applicated on each treated field.

To get these benefits, order the service of upgrading your existing soil processing technics or purchase a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with installed spraying computer.

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