Double benefit - sprayer «Vodoley» and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)

Self-propelled sprayer Vodoley was originally developed for the application of liquid fertilizers. Urea-ammonium nitrate UAN is a mixture of aqueous solutions of ammonium nitrate and carbamide, which includes all three forms of nitrogen, due to which its effect is prolongated.


Exhibition AGRO-2017 - bet on modern technologies in agriculture

The experience of European producers of agricultural products shows the need of using modern technologies to increase profits and reduce costs.


June 7-10 in Kiev, the exhibition AGRO-2017

June 7-10 in Kiev on the territory of the National Complex «Expocenter of Ukraine» starts «Agro-2017». This is one of the largest events of the agro-industrial sector in Ukraine. «Agro-2017» is 25 000 m2 of territory, 53000 visitors, 1200 participants from 15 countries.


Sprayer «Vodoley» - the best choice for foliar feeding

Foliar feeding is a spraying of the liquid fertilizers on plant leaves. Self-propelled sprayer Vodoley on ultra-low pressure tires can move around the field with winter crops in the tillering phase up to 50 cm high without damaging them.


The applicating of liquid fertilizers should be computer controlled

«Comprehensive AgroService» performs the application of liquid fertilizers, UAN, plant protective products using a self-propelled sprayer Vodoley (analogous to the Rosa sprayer) on ultra-low pressure tires.


Agricultural Exhibition «AGROSHOW UKRAINE 2017» - how it was

AGROSHOW UKRAINE 2017 - a modern exhibition format open-air, which combines a commercial, educational and entertainment platform.


Ukrainian AG exhibition AGROSHOW UKRAINE 2017

May 18-20, 2017 in Cherkassy, ​​AGROSHOW UKRAINE 2017 will be held on the territory of the airport


Spraying computer Vodoley is an element of the precision agriculture

Spraying computer Vodoley keeps the outlow rate of the liquid fertilizers at a given level. In addition, it provides many other data on the system's operation-the distance traveled, the amount of liquid poured, the pressure in the system, hours of operation, and a number of others.


Clonal propagation of rare or unique plants - high quality seedlings

The company «Complrehensive AgroService» offers its customers seedlings of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry selection varieties obtained by the clonal micro propagation.


8 advantages of using a urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)

Urea-ammonium nitrate UAN is a mixture of aqueous solutions of ammonium nitrate and carbamide. This is the only nitrogen fertilizer that includes all three forms of nitrogen, so UAN effect is prolongated.


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