Clonal propagation of rare or unique plants - high quality seedlings

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» offers to buy varietal seedlings of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries of high quality. To obtain seedlings in vitro, the method of clonal micropropagation of plants is used, which allows to obtain a large number of high-quality, healthy seedlings and selection varieties. The nursery of seedlings of strawberry on the basis of the laboratory of meristem plants makes it possible to obtain selective varieties purified from any infection in a short time.

In the laboratory in vitro, you can order the reproduction of your own planting stock, or seedlings of such popular varieties of fruit and berry crops that were propagated earlier:

Seeds of raspberry «Hercules»

Raspberry «Hercules» is a raspberry variety. The berries are broad, conical, red, average weight 6.8 g, medium pulp, sweet and sour, fragrant. A bush of a raspberry seedlings «Hercules» of medium, medium strength, sprawling. Spines are medium, hard, straight, curved, inclined downwards. Resistance to diseases and pests. The technology of care involves mowing the aerial parts of plants before winter hibernation.

Seeds of «Brusviana» raspberry

Fruits of average weight 6-9g, have a typical raspberry sweet and sour taste. Seedling of raspberry «Brusvyana» gives as a result a treelike bush 2-2,5 meters in height, has an insignificant number of thorns. Yield of 4-5 kg ​​per bush. Brings two crops a year. Begins to bear fruit in June, the second crop, or the basic fruiting begins from the middle of August, lasts about 80-100 days before the first autumn frosts.

Seeds of raspberry «Shelf» remontant grade

Raspberry «Polka» is a remontant variety of Polish breeding. Can give two crops a year: on annual shoots - from late July to late autumn (the main crop) on last year's shoots - in early summer. The berry of raspberry «shelf» is stretched out, bright red with small drupes, shiny, fragrant. The taste is very pleasant - sweet, slightly sour. The length of the berry is quite large and reaches a length of 3 cm, the average length is 2.5 cm.

Blackberry «Thornfrey» remontant grade

Blackberry «Thornfree» (Thornfree) - remontant dessert variety. The bush is short, powerful. Shoots elevated, do not have thorns, thick. Late maturity. Blackberry «Thornfri» berries are large, shiny, weighing 4.5-5.0 grams, oval, black, sweet, tender with a weak aroma. Heat resistant and resistant to drought.

Seedlings of Strawberry «Victoria»

Strawberry «Victoria» - a variety of Dutch breeding. Characterized by early maturation. A variety of strawberries that has a long history. Seedlings of strawberry «Victoria» is resistant to colds, it is practically not affected by diseases and pests. The berries are large, bright red, have a rich taste, so they are actively used in cooking. The ability to preserve nutrients for a long time makes this variety an excellent option for canning.

Seedlings of strawberries «Baron von Solenmaher»

Strawberry «Baron von Solenmaher» - remontant, beardless, well tolerates frosts and heat. Has a stable and high yield. Berries strawberries «Baron von Solenmaher» are small, have an average weight of not more than 4 g, conical in shape, with pronounced luster, red. Flesh is red, juicy, dense consistency. The taste of the berry is sweet and sour, the aroma is palpable, pleasant. Resistance to damage by diseases and pests is high.

Strawberry seedlings «Albion»

Strawberry «Albion» - the repair grade was bred in the USA, fructifies the whole warm season, to frosts. Seedlings of strawberry «Albion» is distinguished by medium-sized bushes, strong with broad, dark green leaves. Strong flower stalks do not allow the berry to reach the ground. The berries are oblong in regular shape, red and shiny. Ripe berry is sweet, there is a light strawberry flavor. Weight of strawberry «Albion» ranges from 30 to 50 g, fruits are dense, suitable for transportation. During the season the strawberry fructifies 3-4 waves. The first harvest is usually collected in early June, and the last - in October.

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