Research of soil quality and crop production

«Comprehensive AgroService» company provides a wide range of services in agrochemical soil analysis and crop production. Our specialists has a profound knowledge and experience in agrochemical analyzes of soil, plants and fertilizers. Based on the results of the laboratory researches, we form individual recommendations for the application of plant feeding systems to each customer. We also calculate the fertilizer rates for the best results of crops, depending on the soil-climatic zone of cultivation, the type of soil and the content of nutrients in it.

Analysis of the soil quality and farming products

The importance of agrochemical soil analysis is based on the following factors:

  • Loss of soil fertility due to it irrational agricultural use;
  • Each plant requires an individual balanced type of feeding during the growing season, for maximum yield;
  • The availability of information on current nutrient elements in the soil is a key factor for the profitability of growing crops;
  • Plants need different numbers of basic nutrients and have different sensitivity to lack or excess of microelements.
Agrochemical soil analysis is a fast, economical and reliable way of constructing a high-quality plant nutrition system and increasing the profitability of agricultural production.

Agrochemical soil analysis ensures

  • Increase of the productivity of agricultural crops;
  • Increase of the soil fertility;
  • Reduction of costs for the purchase, transportation and application of mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • Control of growth and development of crops;
  • The use only of those elements of nutrition to which the plant is sensitive and which is lacking in the soil;
  • Reduction of the negative impact of irrational application of mineral fertilizers in the environment.

We perform the following types of soil analysis

  • Determination of mobile compounds of phosphorus and potassium;
  • Definitions of hydrolytic acidity;
  • Determination of cation-anionic composition of aqueous extract;
  • Determination of pH by means of aqueous and salt extract;
  • Determination of exchangeable sodium and nitrates;
  • Determination of ash content of peat and subsurface horizons;
  • Determination of moisture, maximum hygroscopic moisture of persistent wilting plants;
  • Determination of carbonate content and total nitrogen content.

We also conduct an analysis of fertilizers and crop production


  • Determination of total phosphorus;
  • Determination of total potassium.


  • Determination of humidity;
  • Determination of protein;
  • Determination of the quantity and quality of gluten in wheat.

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