Mobile applications for agriculture and farming

In this article we will continue to consider useful applications (programs) that can be used in agriculture. The article «10 new mobile applications for precision farming» has already considered some of them.

The ubiquity of smartphones, which by their computing capabilities are almost equal to computers, leads to the fact that more and more software development companies are necessarily making a mobile version of their product. Why wait for the return to the office, when more information can be obtained directly in the field?

Some of the mobile programs described below work on the smartphone «independently», and some of them are in addition to a more complex system of several devices.

MyFugo – is a livestock application available on Google Play. It works in conjunction with a «smart collar», which should be attached to the cow. After switching on, the collar monitors the temperature of the animal. The owner can at any time find out whether the animal violates the temperature regime, which is important, as the heat stress of the cows affects health, milk yield and reproductive functions.

Soko Yetu – this agricultural application developed by Twiga Foods as a platform that brings together farmers and their end customers. Often dealers in the market of agricultural products have a negative impact on the profitability of farms. This is partly due to the fact that farmers simply have no time to look for buyers, and dealers are ready to buy here and now. But at the same time the price leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the platform Soko Yetu can increase the profitability of the economy. It simplifies the search for a specific product for the buyer and the marketing routes for the manufacturer - the farmer.

To obtain additional funding, the search for an investor can also be carried out using this application.

Weed Manager – it can be said that this farmer's application is an electronic agronomist or weed guide. Subscribers have access to an extensive database of weeds, their growth, and methods of dealing with them.

There are recommendations not only from the «here and now» category, but also on the management of weeds in the future, the regulation of their growth.

Mbegu Choice – this CX application helps the farmer to choose the optimal seed variety based on current conditions. For example, which variety is best suited for a particular altitude and low humidity. You can compare this application with the electronic filing of existing cereal varieties. – this application is created for fish farms. It works in conjunction with sensors that must be installed in the pond. The system measures temperature, acidity and a number of other parameters. The time of each feeding of fish and all information received from the sensors is stored in the database and can be viewed from a smartphone.

M-Shamba – another version of the platform that unites sellers and buyers. It works on a paid basis, a monthly subscription is provided that opens access to all services.

In addition to information about buying and selling there is data on weather, climate, marketing information on different cultures in the market.

ICow – reference agricultural application on the subject of livestock. Here, farmers can gather a variety of information on the breeding, maintenance and care of animals.

Vet Africa – this agricultural program was created as an auxiliary tool for veterinarians and farmers. It helps to more accurately diagnose diseases of livestock and select drugs for their treatment.

Agri-Wallet – as is evident from the name, is a financial application that works like a wallet. Helps farmers to save on payments, to carry out mutual settlements, to receive loans.

DigiCow – this livestock application is designed to optimize the work of the cowshed. Allows you to see current prices for milk. In addition, it provides background information on the breeding and feeding of cows.

FarmDrive – an application designed to calculate credit risks in agriculture, as well as to obtain an online loan.

Agrobase – a very popular agricultural application among farmers and agronomists. Contains a database of soil types, weeds, diseases of cultivated plants. A list of all certified pesticides, herbicides and insecticides in any country is provided.

Using this application, the farmer can detect plant diseases, there is a list of insect pests, with a description of methods to combat them. Recommendations include not only a list of chemical products, but also other methods of controlling weed growth. Agrobase is used among agricultural, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticultural and livestock farms to achieve high productivity.

Urban Farming App – this program on a mobile phone is designed for people far from farming to help grow vegetables in urban areas, in apartments. Advisory services are provided on the characteristics of cultivation, watering, nutrition and protection from pests of a particular crop. The application can work in alarm mode, reminding when to water or fertilize a plant.

There is a guide describing the symptoms of plant diseases and a list of farm recipes for preparing tasty and healthy food from the cultivated crop.

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