Technique for applying liquid of the fertilizers

By origin, the organic and mineral fertilizer groups are distinguished. Mineral group is predominantly derived from natural minerals.

The starter fertilizers can be applicated by the modernizated seeder

By the time of the work: basic (in autumn), sowing (fertilizing during seeding) and fertilizing at time of growth (which can be root and foliar). In order for your seeder could use fertilizers during the sowing campaign, order the service of its modernization for the using of the liquid fertilizers. And the best technics for foliar fertilizing will be the «Vodoley» sprayer on ultra-low pressure tires.

Seeder Prosem-k16 16-row re-equipped
Seeder Kinze-3600 16-row modernized
General view of the re-equipped equipment - tank for LCF, supply hoses
General view of the re-equipped equipment - tank for LCF, supply hoses

Sprayer «Vodoley» for liquid fertilizer forms, spreader – for granulated

For the main processing and fertilizing, the ideal solution is to use the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» (if speech is about liquid fertilizers) or spreader «Vodoley», if you need to use granulated fertilizers.

Granulated fertilizer spreader «Vodoley»
Granulated fertilizer spreader «Vodoley»

Straight-flow fertilizer application technology is not applicable oftenly

The technology of mineral fertilizer delivery can be divided by the number of loading operations on: 

  • direct-flow;
  • transshipment.

Straight-flow is possible only in cases where the distance from the delivery point to the field is less than 5 km. A minimum of technological operations, but this is very rare. The transshipment looks like the unloading of fertilizers on the edge of the field with a delayed application.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»
Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»

The transshipping fertilizer application technology allows to reduce the weight of the sprayer

In the case of the self-propelled sprayer, «Vodoley» applied transshipment technology of fertilizer application, which is due to two reasons:

First – mobility. The KRAZ tanker transports the UAN to the place of future use, where it is further transferred to the tank of the «Vodoley», in portions, as it is used.

Second – reduction of the total weight of the equipment for applying liquid fertilizers. Due to the low weight of the sprayer and ultra-low pressure tires, «Vodoley» can pass through the field without creating a rut.

«Vodoley» will pass where heavy equipment is stuck

Heavy equipment is not always good

The pressure on the soil is not more than 160 g/cm2, so the sprayer can move around heavily wet soil when the technique on conventional wheels does not pass. In this his radical difference from large-sized sprayers – he will go out into the field at any weather and any condition of the soil, when heavy equipment is simply stuck.



Save up fertilizers when using a spraying computer «Vodoley 1»

Low pressure on the soil makes «Vodoley» the best option for carrying out foliar nutrition. Moving through the field with winter crops in the tillering phase it applicate liquid fertilizers without damaging the sprouts. Plants will raise up in 2-3 days.

Sprayer  «Vodoley» and spreader of granulated fertilizers based on the chassis of «Vodoley» allow to use all forms of fertilizers with a minimum impact on the soil.

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