Leguminous crops - growth, selection of fertilizer dose

Despite the fact that this group is used to enrich the soil with nitrogen, at the beginning of growth, it also needs soil application of this mineral. However, it is very important not to overdo it in this matter, so as not to stop the process of natural assimilation of nitrogen from the atmosphere.


Spring grain crops - growth, nutrition, choice of fertilizers

The use of trace elements in general improves plant nutrition and protein content in the grain. It is always necessary to ensure that the plant has enough of all the substances, since the lack of even one can level the effect of a sufficient number of others and the crop will be less that was expected.


Winter wheat - growth, nutrition and fertilizer selection

The whole growing season lasts 300 days and is divided into 12 stages of the organogenesis, each of which imposes its own requirements on the choice of mineral fertilizers. The lack of phosphorus during the first two weeks of the growing season reduces the crop by 42% of the maximum, due to the underdevelopment of the root system and the decrease in the number of stems (Boatwrsght, Viets, 1966).


Winter rye - features of growth and dose selection of fertilizers

Among other cereals favorably less demanding on soil fertility and weather conditions. When selecting the dose of nitrogen fertilizers for winter rye, it is important to select one in which the protein content in the grain does not exceed 11.5%, otherwise the activity of alpha-amylase will increase. The activity of this enzyme leads to a decrease in the quality of bread produced from rye.


Comprehensive AgroService Company at the exhibition AGRO-2019

We invite visitors of the AGRO-2019 exhibition to stand D32, where Comprehensive AgroService Company represents a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley», a set of additional equipment for seeders for the application of liquid fertilizers and computers monitoring the spraying. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.


Indian project CropIn allows farmers to more accurately predict the harvest

Now, three months before the harvest, the landowner can much more accurately predict the expected return from his field. It became easier to negotiate with the dealers. In case problems are discovered, it is possible to use an agronomist much earlier to accurately determine the causes of problems in the place indicated by the system.


Possible prospects for the blockchain usage in agriculture

The use of blockchain technology in agriculture provides new opportunities for accounting for the movement of some goods from the moment of creation to the final realization, but it is not a wonderful tool that solves all problems.


Robot «Virgo» from «Root AI» harvest tomatoes without damaging the branch

Developers plan that this robot will be a universal platform with which it will be possible to harvest various fruits and vegetables. In the near future, the modernization of «Virgo» to collect cucumbers, strawberries and peppers.


10 points you need to know about spraying

All this new equipment, latest generation ceramic spray nozzles, computers and GPS systems are just tools. You and only you can guarantee yourself the quality during work, for which you need to properly use all these tools.


7 Tips to Simplify Spraying Season

On the one hand, modern sprayers do their job better thanks to the efforts of the developers. But on the other hand, the more tubes, hoses, connectors and various adapters the sprayer has, the more difficult it is to maintain.


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