Agrointelli robotic tractors will be able to work on heavily wet soil

Agrointelli develops a line of robotic tractors with low-pressure soils. Manage from a smartphone or tablet. In plans - a single digital space on the field, where UAVs and tractors exchange information «on the fly».


5 Steps for the Effective Use of drones in Agriculture

Drones usage can significantly speed up many processes, including the collection of information. Realizing this, owners of different forms of business invested millions of dollars in services related to the use of drones, which led to an increase in their production.


30% discount for sprayer «Vodoley» for agrarians of Dnepropetrovsk region

Agrarians of the Dnipropetrovsk region can purchase domestic agricultural machinery (including the Vodoley sprayer) with a discount of 30% of its value due to the support program from the regional budget.


10 new mobile applications for precision farming

The number of different (including agricultural) applications available for installation on a smartphone is growing exponentially. In this article, we will try to consider the functional of those of them that have already proved themselves well and developed (modernized) in 2017.


«Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibition «AgroTechService 2018»

On February 13-15, 2018 in Zaporozhye, the annual AgroTechService 2018 was held, at which the company «Comprehensive AgroService» introduced a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with an on-board computer that integrates the sprayer into the «Agrosystem».


Continuation of the history of Hands free hectare

If not for the emergence of a new sponsor, then the experiment could be completed. The appearance of AHDB breathed new life into the project «the Hands Free Hectare».


8 main wishes of the agrarians to precision farming technologies

Precision agriculture technologies simplify work of agrarians and reduce its costs. The German agricultural society has issued its 8 requirements for technologies, that should simplify the work of farmers.


10 Essential Technologies of the Precision Farming

It should be recognized that without GPS technology, there is no exact farming at all. The appearance of robots in different spheres of agriculture is no longer surprising. With different success, but still robots are used to prune vineyards, tillage (unmanned tractors), work in greenhouses and so on.


Re-equipment of cultivators and disk harrows for UAN application

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» carries out the conversion of cultivators and disk harrows for the application of liquid fertilizers, UAN, PPP. After the installation of additional equipment on the harrow or cultivator, the owner of the converted equipment get the opportunity to apply liquid fertilizers at the same time as land processing operations.


Re-equipment of seed drills for the application of liquid fertilizers

Re-equipped seeders can applicate starter fertilizers during seeding, which significantly increases the yield, due to the acceleration of the growth of cultivated plants during the sprout stage.


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