The device for monitoring of the nozzle blockage for liquid fertilizers

Device for monitoring of the clogged injectors

The «Face Control» device is intended for visual control of the presence of clogged nozzles during the application of the liquid fertilizers.

Even if the liquid fertilizer was carefully filtered before shipping, the crystals can appear already during transportation. As a result, a violation of the nozzle's work during fertilizer application.


The «Face Control» device controls the permeability of each nozzle during field processing


Install the «Face Control» device so the driver of the sprayer or other technics, which is modernized for the liquid fertilizers application, could detect and eliminate the blockage of the nozzle.


Online monitoring of the operation of each injector


After installing and connecting all the equipment (the computer itself, the sensors), the Face Control device continuously monitors the fluid flow through each nozzle. If the movement of the liquid is disturbed, the number of the jammed nozzle immediately appears on the LCD screen. The driver can take action immediately after its appearance and continue working.

The result of applicating of the working fluid is transmitted and stored in the database of the Agrosystem. The owner has the opportunity to control the process visually both online and view a report on the processing results later, at any convenient time, using the Agrosystem web interface.

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