Rootkeeper SEKACH


The stump cutter is designed for removing stumps of fruit trees with a diameter of up to 35 cm and deep soil loosening.

The advantage of using stump cutter is:

  • Reducing the destructive impact on the soil, by reducing the number of maneuvers to remove stumps;
  • Reducing the energy intensity of the process by using tractors of class 30 .... 50kN (for example, T-150 for an intensive garden and K-700 for an extensive garden);
  • removal of soil from the root system of the fruit tree, which excludes the operation of upholstering the roots.

A promising trend in the development of industrial gardening is the transition to intensive technologies, in which slimy rootstocks are used. This requires the ubiquitous laying of new intensive gardens. The laying of new orchards requires effective and resource-saving technical means for uprooting and recycling of old garden plantings.

Hinged rooting provides the most gentle removal of stumps

When the garden plantings are milled, the technology of continuous stump cutting is used with the use of various types of curtains, which are a blade with teeth on the basis of a caterpillar tractor. As a result, a considerable number of roots remain in the soil, the lower layers of the soil become denser because of the use of heavy equipment, and the humus layer of the soil burns out during combustion. As a result, a large amount of work is required to restore soil fertility. Modern technologies use the principle of separate uprooting and recycling of old.

The overall layout and optimal parameters of "Sekach", makes it possible to increase the efficiency and provide resource saving for the process of breaking up fruit trees. The efficiency of the process is provided by increasing productivity and reducing the negative impact on the soil. Resource-saving is provided by reducing the traction resistance and the possibility of using tractors of general agricultural purpose.

Machine type - hinged

Aggregation - tractors. 30-50 kN

Width of grip, m - up to 1,2

Depth of processing, cm - up to 60

Weight, kg - 700

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