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AgroSystem is a hardware-software complex intended for online monitoring, control of movement and fulfillment of agricultural operations.

It allows you to quickly receive data from an on-board computer, monitor the fulfillment of agricultural tasks, monitor established norms of agricultural operations, fuel consumption and working time.

Agro-system - the system of exact farming

The system is multi-platform, which allows you to use it on a computer, tablet or mobile phone connected to the Internet. Information from instruments and sensors is displayed in real time, and displays and reports for the previous period are available for previously performed work. All data are detailed and accurate, all accounting and statistics are available round the clock. Effective reports are easy to generate, print on the printer or stored in the computer's memory, send by e-mail.

AgroSystem includes a number of useful functions that will make your work more productive and help achieve maximum yield while lowering the costs of process fluid and fuels and lubricants.

The main modules of the program:

1. Field management - planning and conducting work in the context of each field:

1.1 Display of basic data by field: sizes, units, contracts, owners, terms of payment for rent, etc.

1.2 Scanning of the soil, mapping and mapping of the chemical field map.

1.3 Differentiated fertilization map, creation of a map of the task for applying fertilizers, based on the data obtained when scanning the soil or from the decision on the appropriateness of applying, depending on the weather conditions and the presence of moisture in the soil.

1.4 Crop rotation, analysis of sown crops, indicators of crop development, yield and economic efficiency.

1.5 Soil processing - terms of carrying out, planning, technological works, expenses and materials.

1.6 Presence of parasites and weeds - methods of struggle, drugs and doses.

1.7 NDVI – shooting, uploading photos and overlaying them on a map of fields.

1.8 Creating a job map-allows you to specify locations on a field with different seeding or fertilizer rates. This approach allows you to achieve an effective expenditure of funds and obtain the maximum result.

1.9 Allows you to download existing land data and field equipment in various formats.

On the basis of the data obtained, the actuality of the crop condition is formed, the assessment and forecast of yields, and the preservation of field history.

2. Control technology - management and precise control of each unit of equipment:

2.1. Display of basic data on equipment: name, inventory number, year of manufacture, condition and so on.

2.2. Display the track of the movement of equipment.

2.3. The actual area of ​​processing the fields.

2.4. The amount of material sown, fertilizers and harvested crops.

2.5. Control of fuel costs.

2.6. Monitoring of working hours for each type of equipment for operations.

Based on the data obtained, the planning of further work of agricultural machinery and the formation of reports on the work performed.

2.7. Transmission and display of meteorological station indicators installed on the equipment.

2.8. Notification of control services about the clogging of injectors, which pour liquid from agricultural units.

AgroSystem is a constantly evolving program. Properties and functionalities can always be completed in the shortest possible time according to the requirements of each client.

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