5 Steps for the Effective Use of drones in Agriculture

Even if you are not already using UAVs in agriculture, be prepared for what will soon begin. Enthusiasts of precision farming work day and night, hoping to further simplify the work of farmers. In 2017, in the United States, there was simply an explosive growth of interest in using UAVs in many areas where there is a need for monitoring the territory. This are industry, insurance, construction and agriculture. Drones usage can significantly speed up many processes, including the collection of information. Realizing this, owners of different forms of business invested millions of dollars in services related to the use of drones, which led to an increase in their production.

Based on the already existing experience of cooperation the company DroneDeploy made recommendations on how to get the maximum profit of using drones.

1 - answer yourself how exactly the drones can be useful for you

What exactly can UAVs do for you? Automation of counting the number of plant sprouts, control of planting works or monitoring of land-processing operations? You can say that this is the real "home work" of the business owner - to make an accurate list of cases in which the drones will help him.

2 - drones are your entry fee for making a profit

Beginners at first may seem that the recommendations of the company DroneDeploy are harsh. But they are verified by real experience - first of all start using drones where they give the maximum profit. After all, the goal is not just to use high technologies as such. The goal is to get more profit using these technologies.

3 - only trained staff should work with drones

In order to maximize the impact, it is necessary that all work be carried out by specialists. If you do not know how to operate a UAV, it is possible at first you will need hired pilots for them. Further analysis of the information should also be carried out by Drone Data Analyse specialists.

4 - dont forget to minimize the risks when using drones

Any manager worries about the safety of equipment and the safety of personnel in the workplace. A new technique is always a risk, as new safety requirements are emerging. To avoid unnecessary costs, do not forget about property insurance.

5 - correctly select the components and software of your dron

On the one hand, the UAV is quite an expensive purchase. On the other hand, keep in mind that progress does not stand still and for the budget model, software updates that are about to be released or already on the market may not be available. Expensive models usually have a more saturated interface and better software.

Having inspected the territory of the field before processing and after, you can accurately understand whether the work is completed in full. Special cameras allow you to quickly assess the condition of the green mass, find drought pockets, plant damage to pests. Each agrarian should decide for himself what exactly the UAV can help him. Then use all their possibilities for their farm.

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